Bisexual Basketlyfe Dad 2k23

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  • Once that black saddle is in it's 10/10 dads

  • Colour coordinated shrink wrap is a strong move! Love the vibe and the love.

  • What’s the thumbscrew clamp thing on your bars for?

  • Complete with, hopefully a couple days shopping aboard :D

  • It's a sunrace friction shifter. Indexing was not a nice experience before, and I've loved previous downtube shifters - works like a treat and leaves a lot of compatability for any future worms down the line!

  • @atk this is where your clunkers ended up

  • Nice! Glad they found a suitable home!

  • This has come out an absolute treat. Superb work!

    A little observation: if you are locking with a single mini-D, you can use the Sheldon method of locking around the rim of the rear wheel, inside the rear triangle. That way you secure the rear wheel and the frame in one go.

  • They're /VERY/ well loved. Despite having 2billion worms to figure out in the process (open face plate quill stem!?!, phone mount configurations!?!), they're an absolute delight.

    Now I'm down to 1 (ONE!) bike, they're the perfect mix of on-road commuter comfort, while still being just flat enough to wrangle off road. Thanks so much <3 they're killer.

  • Oooh this is a shout actually, might be a wee bit tricky with the absolutely HUGE tyres + guards I've got on.

    I nabbed some Trans X security skewers which are relatively basic (just a 5 sided hex key), but they inspire enough confidence to worry a bit less about thieves really.

    I've been thinking of getting a second D lock, but might wait to get something that's angle grinder proof - nice lil present to myself at some point.

  • Good day down at tracklocross yday!

    Went with @Maj and some non-forum friends and got to meet @samrensho in the flesh! Didn't race, still scared shiteless, but maybe one day...

    Also somehow broke my guard (lolz)

  • need to work on my posture, looks a little like your saddle

  • Brown saddle was pointing up.
    Black saddle is pointing down.

    Maybe you need a grey one.

  • Guards b0rked you say? I have a scratty but functional set if you need?

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Bisexual Basketlyfe Dad 2k23

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