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    For sale is 56cm genesis equilibrium that had rusted chainstays and I rebuilt the rear triangle with track ends and canti mounts. It also comes with a thorn fork. The thorn fork has a higher a2c than original fork but when I replaced the rear end I lowered the track ends to suit. It's kept the original HT and st angles but increased the BB height. What you want if you are riding with a fixed gear. It also increased tyre clearance, especially in the front. I only ran 28c's but I think you could easily get 32's and maybe 35s. I can measure it properly next time I am with the frame. From memory the fork lowered the trail slightly, which would suit a front rack, which you have plenty of mounts for.

    In my mind it was a fixed gear audax rando single speed cyclo cross mega commuter. A poor man's version of hollow_legs bike.

    I added a bunch of bottle mounts, I wanted to get a fitted frame bag.

    It rides great, it's just a little small for me and I no longer have the space for it.

    It's been painted with hammered hammerite. I've touched up a few chips more recently with a colour mix that is very similar but not quite. I can give you some touch up paint.

    The alignment on the seat stays isn't perfect. It doesn't effect the ride but just means you have to centre the brakes using the adjustment screws on the brakes. With the brakes I used it was within the limits of the screws and wasn't an issue.

    Also for sale a halo aerorage wheel set. The rear hub is fixed/fixed and the front has a Shimano dynamo hub. The rims have plenty of life left in them but have been ridden. Included are the schwalbe durano tyres, life in them but the rear had definitely worn. I might keep the cogs if I can find my lock ring and chain wrench.

    Currently everything is in Tottenham Hale but I could take them to bethnal green.

    I was thinking £80 for the frame and £80 for the wheels or the whole lot for £150.

    Hope that seems reasonable.


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  • Dibs dynamo wheelset if you can wait until late Feb for collection? Or post?

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  • Do you have any pictures of this built up??!

  • Wheels

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  • If it was sold as a whole bike I would be all over it. Really nice!

  • I can post at cost. On the small chance you live in Bristol, I am going to be there this weekend.

  • I can sell some of the parts. I have the brakes, bars, stem and similar post similar levers.

  • I'm actually about an hour away from Bristol, so could meet this weekend.

  • The other flaw is on the fork. I brazed in cable routing for the dynamo cable. The top mount is right where the brake opens. It doesn't foul when the brake is in action and when unclipped it doesn't foul taking the wheel out. Maybe it's a good thing as it keeps the cable secure near the brake but if I had realised I wouldn't have put it there.

  • Dibs the Bikefast bidon if you'd sell it ! :)

    On frame only

  • 2nd dibs on frame!

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Benesis - modified genesis equilibrium - track ends/canti and dynamo fixed wheel set

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