• I'm planning on taking by bike to Paddington station and cycling to Wandsworth and back on multiple occasions. Can someone who knows the area please recommend a route to cycle? Perhaps on google maps or similar? I can map a route onto my garmin and would be on my road bike.

  • Depends where you need to be in Wandsworth, but there's no great route options really. I'd go as direct as possible - across Hyde Park, down through South Ken and Chelsea, across Battersea or Albert Bridge and along Battersea Church Road.
    Whichever way you go it's pretty stop start, loads of junctions and limited cycle/bus lanes. I'd personally avoid Wandsworth Bridge Road as it's full of cunts, but YMMV.

  • This could help....


    Between Hyde Park and the river there's little cycling infrastructure but once in Battersea you could go along the Thames path or on the main road and turn off before Wandsworth roundabout.

  • @villa-ru has it bang on, straight into the park towards either Albert or Chelsea bridge

  • I used to include Battersea park and thames path on a commute. You need to ride pretty chilled as it's shared use, but good if you want to avoid traffic as much as poss.

  • Thanks all. It's The Alma in Wandsworth.
    I'll study your suggestions.

  • I commuted from Putney to Paddington every day for a few year until recently. I did a couple of runs from Wandsworth, but it’s not as nicer ride.

    From Paddington station, aim for Hyde Park, getting in at Victoria Gate, then straight down Exhibition Road to South Kensington Tube station and onto Onslow Lane, Sydney Place then Sydney Street. This will take you onto New Kings Road junction. Follow this all the way through to Putney Bridge, or turn at Wandsworth Bridge Road for Wandsworth Bridge. It’s about 4 junctions in total if memory serves me well.

    The roads are relatively okay, I tried to minimise the number of junctions I went through.

  • Sorry if im making a simple question long but basically what kind of ride do you want out of this?
    I was doing a lot of courier work in that area up until this summer so I can recommend a few different routes, depends if you're looking to prioritise calm, scenic, safe, or maybe you want to take advantage of all the epic sketchy downhill lines in traffic lol

  • I'd go for @Muppetteer's route but turn down Oakley Street onto Albert Bridge before picking up the Thames Path towards Wandsworth. Take care on the south side of Albert Bridge as people tend to try to squeeze past at the traffic island.

    You can also nip down Pond Place and turn right-left to get onto Sydney Street (or even Cale Street > Dovehouse Street), but that's a very minor bit of route optimisation to get on the quietest streets.

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Route planning Paddington to Wandsworth recommendations

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