Cannondale Supersix Evo HM 2012

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  • Oh yes, another one. Hopefully can stop looking at Cannondales now (and start w Specialized? Lol)
    Anyways, looks like a 2012 SS EVO HM, black and white or white and black. 54TT.

    Appears to be in very good condition, minor marks here and there, but nothing that would distract. Critical spots (cable entry) been helitaped, so still good.

    Gave it a good thorough scrub, even better now. Might need a superficial polish to bring out the shine.

    The short term immediate plan is to shift my Saeco components onto this one and see what we got.

    Mid/Long term I believe this one need all carbon finishing kit (was thinking Ritchey WCS?) and Cannondale cranks (too expensif).
    I'd love to have some nice wheels/tires on it but can't decide whether deep aero or shallow light?
    Also I need to balance the budget somehow as to not make this another money pit which won't be used properly, and considering I got SL7 as a (I believe this is deserved title) best bike, makes it even harder to figure out.

    I welcome general build ideas/suggestions for this.
    I need advice for the finishing kit (all 3 sticks need to match (yes they do)).

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  • Always loved those framesets (and at some point in time I will build one up, too!)

    I remember someone here saying they have a rather limited tyre clearance, however I cannot recall what the limit was.

    Id go (reasonably priced) lightweight with shallow rims

  • @ghostface is selling a nice shallow(ish) carbon wheelset

  • Think @PhilDAS had the forks preventing more than 23mm ? Might be a different generation though.

    I have new LB 35mm 20h 24h rims and a choice of hubs, dt240 or bitex

  • I have new LB 35mm 20h 24h rims and a choice of hubs, dt240 or bitex

    @snoops may be interested in these

  • My Extralite stem for a full weenie build? Although it won't give you 3 matching sticks

  • I doubt the aesthetics would suit, they are 3k weave, matt and without brake grooves.

  • Ah. Doubt the weave would be an issue but no brake grooves would be.

  • I've enquired re the wheels for sale from ghostface, but considering I'm in EU not UK anymore the logistics might turn out a right pain.
    Checked their website quickly and their R35 based full wheelset with the fancy brake track comes in 1411gram and 611 USD. R45 based wheels come at 1482g and 646. Both calculated with CX ray spokes and Novatec hubs. Sounds like a decent deal considering were talking rim brakes where it's IMO hard to measure the actual "life left" on second hand options...
    This also might be the only new/expensive part on the whole bike so gotta have a think..

    Talking tire clearances my mate has a similar SS Evo and he runs 25s no bother? Can anyone share their knowledge on the subj?

  • Have to match. I'm at that (st)age still 🤣

  • I'm seeing these come up for sale but it's either the price is out of reach (a lot in Japan), or the logistics could be a faff (UK/USA). Non HM variants are plenty with some full bikes being sold for what I'd consider very cheap.
    Like this one:

    Was after this but then the frame I got came up.

  • Mine was a bit earlier than this so maybe it will take a 25

  • Thats a Gen 1 frame. Tyre clearance is minimal. I think some people manage 25's with the certain rims, but you'll get substantial rub.
    Gen 2 (straight fork blade, internal routing, completely different shape mech hangar & dropout design) can go up to 28 with the right tyre/rim combo.

  • I’ve got AR36 rims and hubs ready to build now. Cheers

  • Gen 2 takes 28s easy (on both standard rims and 28mm wide external). I’ve been tempted to try 30s.

  • This got one internal cable. Or one doesn't count? 🤣

  • Gen 1 of the far East super six maybe. There were super sixes before this however

  • So can't really say for sure whether mine will take 25s or not. Dammit.
    Gotta bring the measuring tape out.

  • Not sure if relevant to your predicament, but this guy on Weight Weenies used some plastic tabs in the fork dropout to shift the wheel a little further down and increase clearance­/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=127564&start=45

  • SupersSix is different to supersix evo.
    This is a Gen 1 Supersix evo.

  • I'm glad we're in agreement

  • I suggest you give up the project and sell it to me… that would be perfect as Hill Climb bike for next season…

  • The rim in question. External 25 internal 17.9. I guess this is the narrowest out of the modern rims..?

    Tire in question is Conti GP5000. Luckily these come in 23 and 25mm.

    I think best is to put some spare wheels and brake calipers on and do the measurements...was hoping someone could confirm so I could maybe go ahead and order the wheels whilst away for 2 weeks

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  • I have the 2013 team colored SSEHM, fits 25mm Corsa’s with LightBicycle 32mm high fancy brake track rims (they don’t have them on the website anymore though and do not really know the widths).

    In the process of rebuilding mine for light-ish climbing stuff, found an Extralite stem locally which set it off.
    Dura Ace 9100 mechanical rim with Si cranks, shallow Dt Swiss OXIC wheelset, cheap light Hylix seatpost, still need some nice bars.
    I do have some new or slightly used parts going spare, stripped 120mm Pro Vibe 7s, Enve seatpost, new BB bearings,…
    If interested I can see what’s there. (also EU based so should be easy.)

    Here’s a pic how it stood for a while before I took it apart.
    Still love riding this around.

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Cannondale Supersix Evo HM 2012

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