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  • Bought this of @youramericanlover and it looked perfect. The issue is I am very picky with bikes and parts.

    Short term parts I have or on order

    853 thorn forks (ordered)
    Cane creek 40 headset (fsa worn and cane creek never let me down)
    15t cog (71ish inches)
    KMC chain (looked like a crack in chain, once ordered realised it was a casting defect)
    35mm panaracer Gravelking slick
    45 pdw guards from eBay new (£65)
    3t superlegerra bars (parts bin)
    3t stem (parts bin)
    Shimano r600 brake levers (or s900 I have both)
    Roval terra seatpost (was going to sell but would work here)
    Lupina berk 150mm saddle (ordered this morning as I had a 15% voucher for sigma)
    Time xpro pedals
    Elite bottle cage (parts bin)

    Long term plans
    New rims, front is pretty fucked. Good for a few more months
    Front Son delux bub
    Dynamo lights, I have a edelux front and rear light in my parts box but may go for something different
    Phil outboard BB for peace of mind

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  • Will be cool to see what the new build looks like!

  • Nothing will beat a SSCX pompino

    It's the final form. All other options are stepping stones.

    Sorry and good luck with your build ;)

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  • Needs a Paul neo retro.

  • Forks look pitted. Have contacted thorn.

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  • Robin Thorn said it’s not a defect it just what the forks look like. I’ve asked why my Thorn tandem forks don’t look like this nor do any pictures on their site. Bit of a disappointing response.

  • Can you return it and order again in the hope that you'll get a different, better one?

  • Thorns offered me £50 off. I’ve contacted Argos and asked how much would it cost to fill and with the pitting on the fork legs should I just reject as it’s 853. It’s getting resprayed anyway.

  • If he’s knocking £50 then he knows that it’s not right. Ask for a replacement that’s not gone rusty, been blasted and then painted to mask the fact. You know I’m right.

  • Yeah, sent him an email. The brazing is piss poor as well.

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  • Replacement fork will be with me on Tuesday.

    Berk saddle fitted along with terra seatpost and wolf tooth clamp.

    Pdw 45 guards should be with me today but can’t fit the front without the fork, and seams pointless doing the headset as well.

    Edit 8.8kg

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  • New thorn forks fitted and 15t cog. Just need to fit mudguards and that’s me done for a month or so. Give me time to think about colours.

    Flip stem and less spacers?

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  • I like the look with the forks!

    Id keep the stem and spacers as is, better then a pozzy rise stem imo.

    Weight of the saddle and post together?

  • 260g iirc. The seatpost isn’t light but has a lot of flex for comfort. I could bring it down with something else but I like the comfort on audax.

    Edit: that was before the light.

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On one pompino

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