Car for sale Ford Fusion 2006 ULEZ & Bike ready

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  • Hi all,

    Checking if anyone world be interested on this before trying to sell it somewhere else.
    Ford fusion from 2006 ULEZ clear, petrol 1.6. 86.100 miles on the clock

    The car it has been really reliable, i have own for the past 5 years and never let me down, I have used it mostly for small weekend trips and get to bike trails. Loads of space on the boot and high enough to be comfortable to drive around london.

    MOT till Dec 23, just passed it and spent a couple of hundred quid to make it safe and make sure it will be good for the next owner, low milage, really well kept and regularly checked and service it is ready to drive with no problems.

    The engine light is on, but has been for over a year, took it to the garage and they said it was a short on the cable or something, never worried about it again and never had problems with it. Sometime there is a small noise when reversing, again it was like this when i bought it and although a bit annoying, never gave any problem.

    I can chuck in thule roof bars with the sale, really handy for the bike rack, although I normally put it on the boot…plenty of space.

    Probably forgot something but ask any question and welcome to come and check in at Leytonstone.

    I cant see anything on ebay for less than 2000, I'm thinking 1700 ono

    ps: Will post more pics later

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  • Classifieds must have a price.

    GLWS though, good big little car that.

  • Totally forgot about it.

  • Cheerss mate, it is a really good and cheap to-drive car. Kinda will miss it but I cant justify it anymore.

  • Classifieds must have a price.

    It's advised but not a requirement.

  • Do you know if it has Isofix in the rear seats?

  • Isofix? Whats that?


    Looks like metal hoops, two for the two main rear seats

  • I think it does, ill check it later

  • @Sheppz was looking for a car right?

  • How has it passed an MOT with the engine warning light illuminated?

  • Thanks - cool wagon but not quite right for us GLWS

  • Our clio has passed 2 years of MOT’s with an engine light. Different places. One really reputable. I asked them To diagnose. They just said is was Lambda and passed it. No idea.

  • I think with a car of a certain age, you can pass the MOT with the engine management light on.

  • That’s right, but it’s July 2003 (kit cars and, for some reason, American pick ups are exempt).­on-manual-for-private-passenger-and-ligh­t-commercial-vehicles/8-nuisance

  • My 2003 MX5 also just passed MOT with an engine light on. ODB reader points at the emission sensor, but mechanic says emissions are fine.
    Sensor is not original to Mazda after cat was stolen (and light came up at around that time)

    I reset it regularly as it f*ING bothers me, but keeps coming up :-(

  • My 2003 MX5 also just passed MOT


  • No it doesnt, but i have check and there are brackets where you can fit it

  • The garage reset it to pass it this time but last year they didn't even mentioned

  • I would need this so I'm out I'm of luck with the sale

  • No prblem, good luck with that too, chees

  • Don't suppose it's an automatic?

  • It isnt !

  • Really smooth manual gear actuation !!

  • :-(
    Great cars. GLWS

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Car for sale Ford Fusion 2006 ULEZ & Bike ready

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