Ninety naughty projects / unfortunate millennial aesthetics

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  • Owing to a little unplanned free time, I've decided to finally start building up and sorting out all the cycling guff I have and consolidate to the bikes I have or want.

    Like every other 30-ish year old, everything I do is deeply seated in my "personal" and "tasteful" rememberings of the nineties and noughties.

    Most of the plans I have involve campagnolo. With steel, aluminium and at some point some lugged carbon frames (when I find it).

    All of this will be done with the aid of similar era music; grunge, rock, electronica.

    I'm hoping that writing all this down so everyone can see will help to keep motivation high. As many laughs are always had when an old notepad is found with "chelli projects" written on the front and 2 pages filled in...

  • I'm obviously starting by doing a bit of everything at once. But main thoughts are with this lovely Boschetti.

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  • Love that, subscribing

  • Oof! That boschetti is a peach.

  • lovely Boschetti

    Good start.

  • That boschetti is Stunning. What’s the weight? I vote for a VMB build with silver 10 speed campa and handbuilt wheels with box section rims.

  • Thanks all.

    It's a 56 neuron frame and weighed 1820g on kitchen scales with gunky headset races and chunky bb cable guide, so i reckon a bit under 1800g cleaned up by itself. Forks are nice at 680g as well.

    @Sig_Arlecchino they are my plans. As I have a pink and blue moser which I put a carbon group on for a change. Wheels need a clean up and true and going to have ultra torque cranks as they are what I have. I may change later if I don't want to look through my cranks. I'll have to get some silver 10 speed parts to finish off the group as the rh shifter is toast.

    The frames clearances are mega tight and the guy I got it from ran 23c and took off the paint on the seat tube. So will be on 20c I imagine.

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  • I spent most of the day cleaning and tuning up my neglected moser so it can sit in the garage happy. Needs new bartape and handlebars levelled, the rear brake needs a serrated washer to hold it in place firmly, need to find or make a bung for the quill as well. Thinking of changing brakes from black to silver as well. Any recommendations for good white tape?

    Today's playlist: Mother love bone, soundgarden, temple of the dog.

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  • Lovely, seems like we have a similar taste in bikes - I also have a boschetti and a bugno moser leader with a number plate holder - albeit in gatorade colours. Quite an impressive weight! Shame about the ultra tight clearances but I’m sure it’s going to be a dreamy bike regardless.

  • I've just scrolled through your cp thread. The boschetti multishape is really cool. The jan jansen I really liked.

    I nearly bought a canondale m500 as a dad bike and probably would have if I had space. In that blue! A dad bike is still on the list but maybe a rock hopper now...

    I'm in long term negotiations for a time rxr ulteam that's on ebay and has been posted in the ebay classifieds a few weeks ago. Even been down to Midhurst for a look.

    Blue, pink, purple and red are my favourite colours for bikes.

    I dont mind too much about the clearances as always used to ride around on 18c tyres in my youth, admittedly puncture levels were higher then.

    Do you like listening to grunge and electronica?

  • Ha! Good to hear we share the appreciation for Time bikes :)
    As for the music, not really. I listened to some stoner rock/grunge in my early teens. The only band of that genre, I still listen to occassionally is queens of the stone age. I was more influenced by jazz-sample based hip hop which later led me to contemporary jazz, fusion jazz, global sounds etc. As for electronic music, it’s mostly techno of the hard-hitting but groovy and melodic variety.

  • Cleaning up the gunky races has revealed the fairly obvious reason they were packed full of grease. The fork crown race and bearings are pitted and cleaning up, regressing and assembly shows they're far too gone. Notchy as anything and will need a new headset. Fitted the bb and cranks. Cleaning up the wheels and have the right shifter in bits. Still need to decide on bars, tape, saddle

  • Bought a serotta colorado al (as in aluminium) which from what I've found out was built by kinesis. I bought as a single speed to be a cheap and easy commuter. Turns out that 12 miles each way is too much on the same gear for me. I am also always late so often need to hurry. So planned to put a black centaur 10 speed groupset on. Stripped it down today but the bb is stuck. So have whacked a load of penetrative oil down the seat tube and externally around the bb. Will see tomorrow if it's loosened any.

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  • Kinesis also sold tubing and forks, I thought they were out of Taiwan however.

  • Yes, I think you're right. Read a bit more and apparently Ben serottas brother in law ran the American distributor side for kinesis and assured some qc standards to produce these. Not that whatever qc matters that much when it's a 25 year old aluminium frame.

  • Oh that’s really nice. Reminds me of this titanium one which I always liked…

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  • Cheers. I always liked the early caad and saeco colours. So this is a little wannabe. Plan is for it to continue being lairy with yellow bar tape. I already have a nice black 3t quill for it, but am on the lookout for similarly lairy or colour matchy parts.

  • I've had too much time on my hands recently allowing me to clear out and organise some stuff. It also allowed me to pester a guy in midhurst into selling me his bike. I'd been talking to him for a few months and struck a deal with him on Friday and picked up this Time RXR.

    I've already changed a few bits and am gonna give it a gentle ride this morning.

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  • Oh yes! Looking great on those shallow rims.

  • This was the one on ebay for a good while? Excellent purchase, looks great as is

  • The bike is very long. Minimum bb setback to tip of saddle I can get is 8cm, with the saddle slammed forward. The seat tube is 71.5 degrees and the cradle on the post doesn't move horizontally. I normally run 6-6.5cm so will need some thought on how to overcome this. Plan to change to 165mm cranks, but that will bring seatpost up and therfore back.

    The reach will be pretty bang on for me at around 110/100 stem depending on how slammed the stem is. Want to change bars, hoods can come up a bit. Need to reverse the cabling in the brakes as they're set up euro.

    Swapped the wheels off my moser to see how 25mm fit, which are good. Want to get some new wheels, unsure of what to get atm.

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  • It was on ebay for a fair few months, was watching for a long time and went to see it twice. Did a deal outside of ebay and I was borderline harassing him, so managed to get a fair whack off the ebay listing. Also midhurst is far away.

  • Top work, if I had the choice of a carbon-framed bike I would got for a Time or Look.

    Those Hunts look good! I reckon some shallow Light Bikes AR25 would be the best fit, but just my 2p

  • Great thread

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Ninety naughty projects / unfortunate millennial aesthetics

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