• This may be worth a look:

    Reckless cyclists and all e-scooter and e-bikes could be banned from part of the Thames Path in a bid to protect pedestrians.

    Those who flout the ban would be fined £100 under the proposals being consulted on by Hammersmith and Fulham Council.

    The council is consulting on a ban on the length of its borough boundary on the north of the river from before Hammersmith Bridge to near Imperial Wharf, a distance of over three miles.


    Link seen in this article:


    It looks like a set of prohibitions that supposedly only target 'reckless' behaviour but would in practice undoubtedly be applied less discriminately, as usually happens with such things. A slippery slope, I think, and ill-considered.

  • I just feel sorry for all the perfectly responsible e-bike riders - which there are plenty of - who are now banned because of the numerous deliveroo bandits on AliExpress e-bike conversions (I’m sure there are plenty responsible deliveroo riders too, but they’re a prominent nuisance round here).

    Strikes me that there hasn’t really been any sort of planning for accommodating e scooters and e bikes within existing infrastructure (not that I have a clue how you’d do it tbf).

  • And who’s exactly going to give chase to hand out the fine?
    If someone’s being reckless, they’re unlikely to stop if flagged down, and good luck running after one.

    This will just just end up being a precedent to collective blame.

  • Tbh delivery riders unlikely to use this route. I bet its some noisy well connected nimbies that instigated all this.

  • Meanwhile cars are killing 000s each year. But carry on as normal, folks.

  • Strikes me as unenforcible but I get the sentiment. That section - certainly the bit around Hammersmith bridge anyway - is not really suitable for anything but the most chilled of cycling, which a lot of regular folks on bikes aren't really in to. Enforcing a speed limit of 10mph would be reasonable for some of it I think, if it could be practically implemented. But it can't, so there we go.

    The primary aim seems to be to get scooters and what they describe as e-bikes, but what I suspect they mean are unregulated e-bikes. Proof would be in the eating, but I'd bet they fuck it up somehow if that's what they want rid of. Which is a shame because shitty e-scooters and unregulated e-bikes on paths like that can absolutely fuck off.

  • Surely reckless cycling is already unlawful. Also, not sure if all of the highlighted route is actually a shared path, some I think are just road sections e.g. the bit around hurlingham park.

  • And who’s exactly going to give chase to hand out the fine?

    most likely Sunak himself

  • e-Sunak

  • Priced in to individual freedom mate, just how it is, literally nothing that could possibly be done about this*

    *I know you know we both know

  • Tbf that pathway has lots of narrow and not really fit for purpose pathways. Not sure if it's changed but they used to have a dedicated divided cycle/footpath in bishops Park, which was fine. People would still cycle by the river where it is not designed for that unless you're a small child or the speed of one. Ffc north to Hammersmith Bridge is a shit show, with steps half way. Better off on the back roads.

    Hammersmith, Fulham and Chelsea are dreadful areas for cyclists and pedestrians with poor infrastructure and care. Always has been, guess always will be.

  • Meanwhile drivers are killing 000s each year


  • The section East of Hammersmith Bridge to Bishops Park is narrow and well used by walkers. Not really good to cycle when busy. Like on the canal I get pissed of when riders bell me to let them past

    There's a ltn type route past Craven Cottage which is much better for riding.

    Hurlingham private Thames bit has always annoyed me

  • No, it's definitely cars. Have you seen how many cars flip themselves onto their backs in quiet residential streets? Deffo cars...

  • True they do flip occasionally though havnt seen this for a while.

    Other things collide with them too according to this crazy website :)


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  • The Bishop's Park route was so popular and well-used they added speed bumps.

  • Part of the problem west of Hammersmith Bridge is that they have allowed the pubs to encroach so much onto the path with outside tables that the usable path is much much narrower than it needs to be.

  • Last time I was up that way (a year ago) it was the same amount of tables as the past 30 years.

    On bike its always better to hang a right after the bridge and cut through the middle of furnival gardens, then right onto the Great Western Road before the dove alleyway, where its a shared path but not many people walk. Then first left back down to the river.

    I always hated cycling down next to the river as its always crowded, narrow, stepped levels, off and on the river with 90 degree turns. Just not really suitable tbh. Also, the general obliviousness and entitlement of a lot of the people around there doesn't help.

  • I’m a member of the rowing club between the two pubs and the tables haves definitely be increased. In particular the Rutland now has tables on the river side of the path which is meant to be kept clear for rowing boats.

    Agree with your navigation advice although I stay out on the GWR until Black Lion Lane and avoid the narrows past the Old Ship.

  • I remember they used to put out extra tables by the river in high summer but always got push back from council and residents. I guess not anymore.

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Consultation on bans on e-bikes and e-scooters as well as 'reckless cycling' on the Thames Path between Hammersmith Bridge and Imperial Wharf

Posted by Avatar for Oliver Schick @Oliver Schick