Weight loss accountability/support 2023 edition

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  • I’ve plateaued at 68.4 - 3 kilos since beginning of month and now no change una week. Going to start upping exercise

  • 3/1/23 - 73.1kg
    9/1/23 - 71.6kg
    16/01/23 - 71.0kg
    24/01/23 - 70.1kg

    Diet hasn't been very strict over the last 2 weeks, but been exercising quite a bit.

    Might have been roped into a 'friendly' kickboxing fight at 68kg on Sunday, oops.

  • Haha, making weight like a boxer for the office weight loss competition is strong banter, love it.

  • 3 egg omelette + 1 egg white (210cals)
    80g cavolo Nero (40cals)
    Oregano and basil (10cals)
    Two tsp Parmesan (40cals)
    2 slices mortadella (120cals)
    Salad (30cals ( was reduced to 50p but yeh does look kinda sad 🤷♂️))
    450 calorie lunch

    Little high in salt and sat fats but I like mortadella so 😎

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  • 02/01- 86kg
    09/01- 84.5
    16/01- 84.05
    23/01- 83.75

    Ups and downs in the week, but I'm doing a lot more exercise, so fat to muscle he says hopefully?

  • Muscle soreness from exercise adds about a kg to my weight a few times a week.

  • Something to note is that if you’re supplementing creatine as part of your strength routines, that can add some pounds in retained water.

  • 1/1/23 69.9kg
    8/1/23 70.5kg
    15/1/23 70.9kg
    22/1/23 70.1kg
    29/1/12 70.9kg

    Ridiculous. I get down to 69.8 midweek then spend a Saturday on the sofa eating cake and popcorn with my daughter. Boom have that.

  • 28/12/22 87.2kg
    1/1/23 86kg
    15/01/23 86.2kg
    22/01/23 84.2kg
    29/01/23 83.6kg

    Think it'll naturally get slower as I edge towards target. Had a big training week, often seems to result in a lag.

  • Week 1: trend = -0.1kg, measured = -0.1kg
    Week 2: trend = -0.9kg, measured = -1.7kg
    Week 3: trend = -1.6kg, measured = -2.2kg
    Week 4: trend = -1.9kg, measured = -2.6kg

    Going okay, though could do with a little more balance between weeks and weekends. Not running anymore due to injury but building a little more cycling back into life is nice.

  • Whoops

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  • 01/01: 88.9kg
    08/01: 87.9kg
    15/01: 87.7kg
    22/01: 87.6kg
    29/01: 87.6kg

    Saw lower numbers during the week, got a bit carried away with the snacks on Saturday. Yesterday's 200km should balance things out if I can avoid eating everything in the house today...

  • Week 4 Check In

    (27 Dec - 93.0 post-Christmas bloat)
    2 Jan - 91.6
    9 Jan - 89.5
    16 Jan - 89.4
    21 Jan - 87.7
    27 Jan - 87.6

    Target 80

    High measure for this morning compared with a low for last week looks like a small loss, whereas averaging out daily weigh ins paints a rosier coloured picture.

    I'm probably getting to the stage now, however , that I need to drop more calories, as my baseline requirement drops. That's not something I've done yet, having just been cutting junk so far.

    Smaller portion sizes then. Booooo.
    [Edit] Also - graphs.

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  • 1/1/23 - 77.5kg
    8/1/23 - 76.5kg
    15/1/23 - 75.8kg
    22/1/23 - 76kg
    29/1/23 - 75.5kg

    Also remembered someone (maybe Ed or Nef) from last year taking photos of their progress. So I’ve been doing that as a visual reminder of mine, which is helping

  • 2/1/23 - 103kg
    9/1/23 - 102.1kg
    16/1/23 - 101.1kg
    23/1/23 - 100.6kg
    30/1/23 - 99.7kg

  • 9/1 - 91.2kg
    16/1 - 88.1kg
    23/1 - 88.3kg
    30/1 - 85.8kg

    Stepped up the exercise with more regular riding which is helping

  • 16/1/23 - 80.6kg 21.7% BF. Trend - 0
    24/1/23 - 79.9kg 21.4% BF. Trend - 0.7
    31/1/23 - 79.6kg 20.3% BF. Trend - 1.0

    Slowing a bit on the weight loss but body fat change is satisfying. Generally doing 16/8 IF but not super strictly. I did 4 turbos during the week, PT session Wed, easy ride with my partner on Sat and 100K chasing my brother around Kent on Sunday.

    5500 calories burned from the above so I'm still eating a fair bit.

    I think it would be easier to do no exercise and just run a strict calorie deficit, but weight loss is not my only goal. I would prefer to do it this way even though I'm having to work harder to get the balance right.

  • 81.1kg > 79.1kg > 78.9kg > 77.9kg > 78.9kg

    Ooooops. Big weekend in London for a friend’s 40th, so hoping that damage falls off quite quickly.

  • Just watching this GCN video about over training....


    He mentions that low intake of glycogen can result in muscle injuries (In a far more verbose way than that)....as I sit here with my new hamstring strain...that I had this time last year as I drastically cut my intake and upped my training. Catabolism causes the body to eat muscle making it weaker and hey presto...injured.

    I can sure shift weight like a champ but I'm basically a tube without the knowledge to do it safely.

  • 02/01 - 86
    09/01 - 84.5
    16/01 - 84.05
    23/01 - 83.75
    30/01 - 83.65

    Belly is definately less 'round', so happy generally!

  • Final
    Day of skiing and I have been sticking to my diet in no way whatsoever- what do we think the scales will come out with when I stand on them on Sunday?

    My bet is a protracted screaming.

  • Increase then sharp decrease when you lose the water weight from all the extra carbs. Skiing is solid exercise, you burn loads of calories in a day on the slopes.

  • 1/1/23 69.9kg
    8/1/23 70.5kg
    15/1/23 70.9kg
    22/1/23 70.1kg
    29/1/23 70.9kg
    5/2/23 70.6kg

    Again 69 something most of the week then wallop Saturday throws its hand in.
    No booze, no bread, no refined sugar. OK recovering from a back injury so no weights and going easy. I’m going in the right direction but FFS

  • 01/01: 88.9kg
    08/01: 87.9kg
    15/01: 87.7kg
    22/01: 87.6kg
    29/01: 87.6kg
    05/02: 87.0kg

    Not the best week but nice to see numbers move in the right direction.

  • 28/12/22 87.2kg
    1/1/23 86kg
    15/01/23 86.2kg
    22/01/23 84.2kg
    29/01/23 83.6kg
    05/02/23 83.8kg


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Weight loss accountability/support 2023 edition

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