Boardman Air 9.8 frameset

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  • Round at a neighbours for NYE and he pulled out a Boardman Air 9.8 frameset that he’s looking to sell. It’s never been built up - the forks, seatpost etc are still in their wrapping so only took a couple of photos (wine had been drunk) but can easily get more.

    So, it’s a size S frame with uncut forks, headset, carbon post with fittings and a rear brake calliper under the chainstay. It also has all the housing to internally route cables. Should build up into a very light bike.

    He’s after £550 collected in Hereford or can post for a bit extra now down to £460 collected

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  • Bump with a price drop

  • My parents had this sofa / cushion combo in the early 00's. I just sent my mother this advert, her response is attached below.


    (sorry is this is your sofa Big Ted :D)

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  • Did they also have a cardboard box in the corner doubling as a lamp stand

  • Can’t believe poor Ted is being interior design-shamed!

    Fwiw Ted I think that wooden flooring is lovely 😂

  • Top stuff chaps, not my house but the neighbours 😀

    I can picture the conversation
    Neighbour - how are you getting on selling that frame

    Me - no interest yet. Your wooden flooring has had some love though but the sofa got disrespected by someone’s mum

  • (PS We’ve got better wooden flooring than that)

  • Ok, my neighbour needs the funds so that he’s in a position to make wiser interior design choices so it’s a bump and down to £500

  • More interest on this thread on interior design than this NOS frameset so down again to £475 (and any advice on whether that’s still too dear would be appreciated)

  • The price is more than reasonable on this maybe put the price in the title. Its just a bad time of year or possibly a bad year for selling bike stuff especially rim brake aero bikes. I'm trying to sell similar myself. The geo on this would be useful as i think these come up long for their stated size so it will probably fit a lot of people that usually ride a 53/54 M frame even though this is labelled as a small also how much room in the chainstay? Whoever buys this will probably want to stick it on aero wheels but the problem is rims are getting so fat a lot of new aero wheels don't fit into all aero frames even fairly new ones like this. Nice looking frames these and they've always been well reviewed and good enough for the Brownlees. GLWS

  • Thanks, that all makes complete sense and with only two rubbish pictures and no proper sizing information it's not exactly the best of ads!

    I think there's also something in the Boardman brand not being seen as premium whereas you get a lot for your money - I had a stock secondhand Boardman Team Carbon with Rival and it rode easily as nicely as bikes costing several times as much. I ended up selling as I got something a bit more bougie but that was really just snobbery on my part as the fancier bike was no better, if anything I enjoyed riding it less (a lesson I have consistently failed to heed over the years).

  • What's the actual top tube length on this? Cheers

  • Geometry is here­019/air-9.8 (scroll to the bottom), says top tube is 540

  • Will also try to get more photos in the next day or so

  • Of the floor and sofa?

  • I’m not sure if he’s thinking of selling those but I guess the market will decide

  • Final drop to £460 collected (to avoid confusion, that is for the frameset rather than floor, sofa or lights although to sweeten the deal the cardboard box and packaging it came with will be included at no extra cost)

  • This is an unbelievable deal. Any reason why he never even got it out the box, bit strange to ignore a purchase like this.

  • He’s not a cyclist but picked this up as part of an exchange for some other schizzle he was selling then came to me to see if I had any interest which I would have although riding XL it is a touch small for me (did I mention that he’s not a cyclist?).

    Anyway, still available, would be a great build for the hopefully glorious summer

  • If it was a M i'd have already been over to grab it. Best of luck with it!

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Boardman Air 9.8 frameset

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