Extending 1 inch steel steerer

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  • Short of finding a man that can and paying him to do so, are there any quick fix solutions for extending a 1 inch threadless steerer by 2 or 3 cm.


  • a 1" to 1 1/8" shim and then a 1 1/8" extender?

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  • Hoping for neater...

  • if it's any help I have a spare couple shim pieces, give a shout and they're yours.
    good luck though, I'm in a similar situation, so all ears :)

  • I’ve used one of these in the past. Pretty heavy but I cut it down as I didn’t need the whole length. Cant be used with quill stems though (obviously).

  • Dare I say it the hambini spacer should not be too hard to make, this video is for 1 1/8 but principle still same.


  • decent idea that, i have access to a lathe, so I could make the part, I guess the harder thing is to find the expanding part for a 1" steerer...

    This is promising, says 22.2 min diamter which is the id of a 1" steerer I think.
    £2.57 25%OFF | ZTTO Bike Fork Steerer Headset Expander Plug Compression Compressor Adjuster Top Cap Plug Adjustable Lock Bike Expansion Screw

    thinking about it, I'm trying to see what the advantage of the compression system is if you already have a star nut in there. Could push it down further to have more connection with the steerer... will try that first. @DisappointingBob have you got a star nut?

  • With an expanding bung the extension is part of the fixing method, with a star nut the extension would only be connected to the fixing method via an m6 bolt. I know it’s only either an m6 or maybe m8 bolt that holds the expander together but there’d be physical contact between the pieces.

    I mean, either is a bodge and you probably want a good dental plan whichever you go for so it’s kinda six and two threes?

  • Find a man that can. Pay him.

  • yeah, thinking a bit harder, I can see how the cone being trapped byt the wedges would be beneficial. also just realising some effort should be put in against spinning if the extension is to have any of the steerer clamped to it, and that's always going to be tricky with a fixing that can be loosened through rotation... on balance I'm starting to agree it's a bad idea altogether.

  • I sold a decent fork to @ectoplasmosis that he had extended the proper way. I believe it worked well for him. See https://www.lfgss.com/comments/15452048/­

  • i don't seem to have access to that forum, how was it done?

  • Probably, but in the meantime, I found this. Will report in due course.

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  • Thanks for the offer. See above from Decathlon.

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Extending 1 inch steel steerer

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