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  • Hi,

    For over a decade I've obsessively designed bikes in CAD. From diamond frames to unique folding designs to recumbent bikes, I've designed them all. It's an artistic/design persuit I love.

    But I've never built any of my frames. I was wondering whether there are people I can go to who will take a CAD model and build it for me at a roughly predictable price point where I can make a few prototypes, test and iterate them etc. I know nothing about the making part of the industry.


  • There’s definitely Far East builders doing this for titanium, Waltly, Xacd or Xcad or something.

    I’m pretty sure Waltly do one offs. I suppose there’s plenty around that’ll build to your drawings but would want to be doing so in quantity.

    The guy from Stridlands Journal on Insta (think he’s on here too) has been getting forks, bars and frames made overseas, the end goal there is (small quantity) mass production but I think they’ve been going through a few iterations of things with one or two examples sent over each time.

    Closer to home I guess there’s the polish guy…Mielec. I don’t know how good he is at following a drawing though, heard of a few people getting something quite different to what they ordered/signed off on.

  • I used to do subcontract building , since finishing the newest WMD for the MOD I have been at a loose end I might look at something for you

  • That sounds like alot of fun. Sometimes a good CAD drawings feels like it's been completely made doesn't it.
    I do fabrication work for the creative industry so we do alot of very custom things - from small artwork one-offs to furniture batch and public realm things.
    We have to stick to very firm deadlines and budgets.
    A word of warning on costs though - Having a fully-kitted workshop space, employee's, insurance etc. is extremely expensive.... so undertaking one-off's can be very expensive as a result - spending 2-3 days working through a design and making it will soon see costs over £1000+vat labour - and resolving unproven designs can take time to iron things out - unless you can find a 'garden shed' kind of fabricator who is doing it for fun and keen to help.

    If you are keen please get in touch and I can give ballpark figures before going down to a firm quote. Leadtimes are 12 weeks at the moment.

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Frame building service

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