To the framebuilders out there... Some frame mods

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  • Hello all.
    Thought I'd ask on the forum before I turn to the bigger builders..
    I have a very early (No. 9) John Spooner frame that's turned into my daily. Really enjoying it but was hoping for a few (small) improvements/changes to it. Hence my call out here to see if anyone in the UK would want to take this on..
    So the mods I'd be looking at are:

    • reaming of HT to allow a flush fit of the CK HS (1")
    • BB shell reaming
    • TT brake cable guides
    • DT bottle bosses
    • chainstay dimpling on the inside to allow for 28c tyres (25c fit fine)
    • change of seatstay bridge and chainstay bridge to allow for a rear brake and mudguard
    • mudguard mounts somewhere on the seatstays

    Any thoughts and ideas all welcome. Painting it is not an issue. No rush either and many thanks. T

  • The go to answer, ask Winston (Varonha Frameworks).

  • Cheers mate aye definitely the one to consider. Problem is I’d have to drive to his and collect, I genuinely don’t get to see daylight or have weekends w this job. Thought I’d see if there are any up and coming folk here who’d like to give it a shot first ;) thanks and hope you’re well. T

  • Tom,

    If you can get this to your brother I can get it to Varonha Frameworks.
    It may take a couple of weeks each side to get it to/from your brother's mind.

  • Tom, I’ve (probably) got a frame to collect from Winston too. I say ‘probably’ as I’d not blame Winton or Mario for disposing of it given it’s been hanging around for 2 years - Edit : should add, all paid for. Was meaning to collect when at work in London but haven’t been travelling. Happy to take a bit of motivation and grab 2 at once or something helpful.

  • Folks, sorry for the late reply and thanks so much for the offers, really appreciated. Winston is happy to take postal delivery of a parcel but just the getting it back is an issue. Either way it's all going to be on hold for a bit as it runs fine as a daily and some unfortunate family news (lymphoma) means that I'm rolling with things as they are. As always much thanks and love to the giving and help you all offer in this forum. T xx

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To the framebuilders out there... Some frame mods

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