Musettes of a different sort

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  • Picked up my bag last night. Brilliant quality, lovely members. would recommend.

  • These are glorious, what do you have left? I’m in SE17 so easy to collect.

  • Hi Snowy_again! Thanks, I’ll send you a DM now :)

  • Hi TW! Cool, please see my DM in a few minutes :) Thanks!

  • Hi Exteroceptive! Thank you, I’ll send you a DM now. :)

  • Hi Pacef8! Yes, your Ethiopia and Brazil requests are at the top of my list, I’ll chase my partner who has them! Sorry about the delay, will get back to you asap! :/ :)

  • Hi Fly! Thank you so much for supporting our project :)

  • Hi Hanuman! That’s very kind, thanks! We have a few left including patterns that my colleagues haven’t given to me. I want to update the list when I get the new ones. I’ll DM you now :)

  • apologies for the late reply, I'd like one of these designs, if there's one available.

    I don't mind which of the two.

  • musette arrived in the post today. I love it!
    many thanks!

  • P.S. if you feel like branching out into cycling caps, i'd be keen ;)

  • Love these, must get one.

    Are you connected in some way to MFEP?

  • Thanks Bigshape! Hope you enjoy it :) We haven’t thought of other items but we’ll have a ponder about cycling caps, I like the idea!

  • Hi Jingle_Jangle! Thanks :) We’ve kind of broken for the holidays but we intend to bring out another run in January (including Ethiopian and Brazilian patterns @pacef8 -haven’t forgotten!-). I’ll let you kind folks know when we’re back in action.

    I wasn’t aware of MFEP but from their website they look like people we’d like to speak wjth. Thanks for suggesting them!

    Best wishes for the holidays and new year to everybody!

    *If anyone here sent me their postal address in Armagh, BT61, please will you get in touch? We may have a mixup about an item sent your way. 😞😫

  • 1 off each please and enjoy your holiday time.

  • Just to say that both my kids love the musettes that Santa bought them.

    They wear them all the time, and have been putting all the things in them.

  • Do you have either of these left?­2bf6c7d913a587b45f8413dad88d2ea88f940f.j­peg­2bf6c7d913a587b45f8413dad88d2ea88f940f.j­peg

    And if you do decide to make caps, I'd be keen and have some old caps you're welcome to, to make patterns from.

  • Hi folks! Returned late last night and sending out pending orders and messages today. We’ve decided to make another run of bags since we had such good interest in them including all of you nice people! Pics will be up tomorrow.

    Many thanks and happy 2023 :)

  • Hello. A few of you might know that Maude has decided to take some deserved time off to recover from health issues, meaning that I’ll be posting from this acct. for a bit to ensure continuity. Any well wishes can be private messaged to this acct.

    We don’t have any paid bags scheduled as pending delivery, so if you’ve paid and haven’t received your item please message me. I can see from the chat and private messages that we’ve committed to sending new bags out, and I will look into these. I don’t have lots of time available this week, but I do intend to make a couple of updates on our project(s).

    Thanks to everyone for your support.

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Musettes of a different sort

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