If we're worth a penny, we need an intervention.

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  • There's been some tension brewing for a long time in our club, and we managed fine for years while it simmered. But recent events showed that it's ready people. Time to eat our soup! It's hot and it's spicy.

    More precisely there's a feud between two of our most veteran players. Pillars of our community.
    The kind of stuff that historically ends with a schism, a war or at least a few heads chopped. But I believe we can correct course before we're left with ruins to rebuild on. Coincidentally we just elected a new committee and new energy is flowing. I am proposing we capitalize on this.

    Both of these players have as fantastic a personality as powerful a style on court. Their moves branded our club and their energy fuelled many an afternoon of great polo. Unfortunately, they are probably as stubborn as a barren of mules. To the point where the club is considering disciplinary measures.

    But despite the venom, we love them and I for one would be mourning their loss or departure. I propose to these individuals a formal intervention. A club, a room, and civil talks until the conflict is resolved.

    You two - I am sure you are reading this - we are here for you. We may refuse to take sides on your petty conflicts but we will also refuse to abandon you. And it is now clear both of you feel helpless, a victim of circumstances and an insufferable foe. But you willing, we are ready to help.

    So I am calling for some support below. Show some love and support, we'll be a better club at the end of the day.


  • If pre determined shuffles is the answer then we can all make happen, but off court conduct is up to you. Please both think of the bigger picture.

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If we're worth a penny, we need an intervention.

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