• I've got a vintage steel frameset lying around unused and considering building it up into a single speed,(not fixed). It's got vertical drop outs so I will need to use a chain tensioner, I can't be bothered to fiddle around with half link chains etc to try and do it without!

    My question is how do single speeds with a chain tensioner ride? I'm used to riding fixies and freewheel single speeds, by the way. Are single speeds with chain tensioners that much noisier or less efficient than conventional single speeds and which is the best type of tensioner, upward pressure on the chain for more chain wrap on the cog or downward pressure?

    Thanks in anticipation...

  • I had a conversion for a while, found the tensioners very ugly imo. But didn't have any issues tbh. An eccentric BB would be a better solution, with less moving parts

  • Thanks wildwest, I agree tensioners don't look great, but function over form is my primary consideration..

  • Tensioners are fine. If you can get one that pushes the chain up they are finer, but go for it either way.
    This is a Surly singulator, but other makes are available. I put a couple of thousand miles on this in the parts drought of 2020 ;)

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  • Thanks Chaley I like your bike and set up! Were you the artist? :-)

  • Supposed to be in front of a certain type of tree...

  • Those were the days.

  • Why shucks, not my art I’m afraid, but I’ll that the props for the bike.

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Single speed conversion and ride quality? Tips And Suggestions.

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