Fancy some courier work at Addison Lee?

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  • The days of making over £200 a day are gone now they have the new pricing deal, but is manageable to make £100+ a day if you start early enough. If you use my referral link I get some cash when you've done 100 jobs.....

  • £100 a day after all expenses? For ten or 11 hours work?

  • Deliveroo money that.

  • Is this pushbike or motorbike?

  • .

  • Didn't the chairperson at Addison Lee basically say it was cyclists fault that motorists were killing them a while back?

  • You could make 200 a day after tax before? for how many hours of work?

  • He said those days are gone

    And they are truly gone.

    I’d be surprised if anyone is making 200pd after tax with reasonable hrs

  • Yes hence my question was about the past, if you could do that back then. Always interested in courier pay as i started my own company 4 year ago.

  • Ah i see, makes sense re-reading the question.

    It used to be possible within a 8/9hr shift. With speed and good, well stacked dockets from a good, friendly dispatcher.

  • Ha yeah well i re read as well and thought that your interpretation seemed logical as well .)

    Is this 200 in your pocket after taxes we are discussing or 200 pre taxes?

  • Deffo before taxes. I've been on the circuit for last 6 years with my cargo bike and haven't seen that sort of money for ages.
    These days is even worst... I stopped with couriering for couple month already and don't see myself comming back to it.

  • Cheers always interesting with data points.

    We started our company in part because the pay was just not getting any higher over the years whilst everything else was getting more expensive (obviously). Think i made about the same cash 4 years ago as i did 25 years ago when i started out as a courier (well somewhere around there, whos counting years..) So i quit 4 years ago and started a new company with the idea that couriers could and should make a decent living.

    We basically started knocking doors and adapted / invented as we moved along with more customers. Took us about a year and a half or similar to get up to the same pay as we had where i left. Now i think we are closing in on doubling that even for the couriers who were not involved in the start up process.

    Its hard but fun work to be a courier and if you can live off it i have no complaints really. Now if you cant even pay rent thats a different story, nobody likes to work hard for nothing in return at least not for long.

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Fancy some courier work at Addison Lee?

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