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  • Afternoon all
    As I am now officially retired after some 45 years of framebuilding I have a load of "stuff" to dispose of to a good home otherwise it will stay here and get scrapped when I eventually go to the great framebuilding workshop in the sky ( probably down below as its hotter there for brazing)
    There is a large quantity of tubes of all shapes and types, a skip load of lugs and bbs, similar quantity of braze on fittings, a slack handful of forks, a frame jig and a fork jig, both refurbished and re calibrated and I also have a 3ft x 2ft cast iron surface plate the I could add. Far too much to list I would prefer it all to go as a job lot. Any one interested give me a shout and we can discuss.


    Dave Yates

  • Would be interested in some bits but I don't have a workshop or funds to buy the lot sadly

  • What sort of bits?

  • Difficult to say without seeing what you have really. I'm just a hobbyist.
    I would only really take a small handful of bits and bobs, tubes maybe, I suspect tools would be too expensive but I wouldn't mind hearing the details of the fork jig

    Not got any Columbus Max bits have you?

  • I will take some pics of the fork jig. I think I have some Max,will look tomorrow

  • Dave! I’m still happily riding the frame I built on your course about 8-9 years ago. 10s of thousands of happy miles on it, a few not so happy ones too. Best use of a week’s holiday I’ve spent in many a year. Enjoy your retirement.

  • Hey Dave. Pinged you an email this morning. Happy retirement!

  • Happy retirement.

    I’ve been thinking recently I should pick up some sort of disc brake jig, would you have anything like that?

  • Sorry, only got a couple of rough home made ones for iso and I want to keep those

  • No worries. Cheers.

  • Hi Dave,
    I was on your course about 8 years ago too. I bloody loved it, and wish you all the best. Learned a lot, and managed to ride a fair few miles on it too. Best holiday I had! Hope you enjoy whatever you do next :)

  • Hi Dave, I was on your course in probably 2008. Loved it. Thanks

    Do you have any tube blocks suitable for machine mitering you’re getting rid of?

    In fact, if you’re looking to job lot things, can you private message me some photos of the pile you’re looking to move. And does it include any machinery?

    Mills, lathes etc. …


  • Having sorted through the bits I have some Max, not a full set, seat tube, top tube, fork blades and crown, road chainstays and a pair of Max OR chainstays (pre bent to about 10 degrees) I have an 853 opposed oval down tube which is near enough the same dimensions a s Max. I have head tube or you could get an integrated one from Ceeway. Only thing missing are seats stays of which I have one, if I dig further I should find a pair or the odd missing one.
    Once I have worked out how to post pictures I have photos of the fork jig

  • Hi Retrodirect
    Sorry, no tube blocks, I only mitre by hand as you did on the course.
    I cannot work out how to pm on this forum, they all appear to be different and I admit to being a bit of a luddite when it comes to modern tech. If you could possibly pm me then I could reply, possibly!!!

  • Cheers for that Michael, glad you enjoyed it. I've got plenty to keep me busy on the farm, I sometimes wonder how I had time to do any work

  • Hi Dave,

    I would love some practice scraps to practice brazing on, and one complete set of tubing to build a frame. Congratulations on your retirement - I never got round to doing your course but if you ever decide to run any one offs I'd gladly come and do one.


  • Hi Michael
    Practice tubes and lugs I can certainly do, full frame set, depends on what you want to build but can sort something out I am sure. Do you want to build with luge or fillet braze?

  • Congrats on your retirement, being a child of the Alf Engers and drillium era I'm pondering retirement soon lol

    Anything from the 70's going or us that a tad early?


  • Congrats on your retirement Dave, from yet another of your "trainees". Will you keep building your own frames for fun? Is there anything self-indulgent you really want to make?

  • I'd like to build a light steel lugged 61cm road frame that I can use as my year round runaround.


  • Hi Dave,

    I've just sent you a PM about some bits.


  • Now then people, being a bit of a luddite where IT is concerned I have been having difficulty with replying to posts. I think I have replied to everyone but not sure. Anyone waiting for a reply email me on and I will respond


    Dave Yates

  • Emailed Dave. Cheers

  • Hi Nick
    Hadn't really thought about it. I have several bikes and I have probably exhausted most of the possible variations of steel frame over the years for customers. I have plenty to keep me busy with the farm and six dogs. My current fascination is knife making which I will never do commercially but something I just want to master the intricacies of, and leather work to make the sheaths. Having made most of the tools required it is a very satisfying pastime (with no pressure😁)


    Dave Yates

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Frame building kit

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