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  • LPC. It’s on. Same format, same rules:

    -2 x 15 minute games
    -3 points for a win, 1 for a draw, 0 for a loss
    -Round robin

    Ruleset: EHBA.

    Results: League Table.

    One match is released per month. Matches must be played within the calendar-month timeframe. Teams schedule their own games. Please post all scheduled games here.

    Forfeits will be strictly enforced, for real this year, no excuses. If a team is difficult to schedule, or if a match does not get played in time, MComm will enforce forfeits and, at their discretion, award match points.

    Two regular team members should play each match. Subs should normally (i) be of similar skill level as the person they are subbing for and (ii) not be league players. However, an opposing team can agree to any sub playing against them if they wish. If they contest a sub as a mismatch, MComm will decide.

    League fees are £10 per person. (The fiver barely covered the patches before the inflation. The rest will go for a new London Cup and beer for the party.) Team captains please pay for your team by 30 Nov.

    Adam, Chukker, Dany

  • Here is the team list. Team captains are listed first:

    1. Hot Mess (Ziemek, Chukker, Plumber)
    2. MANDEM (Louie, Saul, Adam)
    3. Tiger Mom (Benji, Cam, Mya)
    4. Undercogs (Alex, Ted, Arran)
    5. Tres tacos por favor (Dany, Antonio, Felix)
    6. Clerks (Jimmy, Charlie, Nico)
    7. Hit or Miss (Keelan, Pip, Blake)
    8. Los parceros (Danielito, Beagle, William)

    Because many go on holiday during Dec, we are releasing these fixtures now. The Nov fixtures still must be played before 1 Dec, no exceptions. The Dec fixtures must be played before 1 Jan, but can be played in Nov.

    Round 1 – Nov
    Hot Mess v Tres tacos por favor: 1-1
    MANDEM v Clerks: 2-0
    Tiger Mom v Hit or Miss
    Undercogs v Los parceros: 1-1

    Round 2 – Dec
    Hot Mess v MANDEM: 0-2
    Tiger Mom v Tres tacos por favor
    Undercogs v Clerks
    Los parceros v Hit or Miss

  • Note on result collection:

    Every captain has received an invite via email to the League XV google sheet. Captains are responsible for entering the results of the games in the Fixture tab of the sheet.

    At the end of each month/round, the scores will be locked in. Scores that are not entered by then will be considered draws.

    At the end of the league, a social will be organized where we will:
    1 - Announce and celebrate the winners
    2- Give patches
    3- Collectively vote for the Most Improved title.

    We are looking forward to a fantastic winter season of Hardcourt Bike Polo!
    Adam, Chukker, Dany

    Important: All edits are visible and traceable. So be civil: disputes should be resolved amicably between captains. There is a comments section too where you can resolve these conflicts.

  • Nice work guys!

  • Sunday 27 Nov
    Clerks vs MANDEM
    Hot Mess v Tres tacos por favor
    Hot Mess v MANDEM

  • Mon 21 Nov 18:30
    Undercogs V Los Parceros

  • Mandem v Clerks: 2-0
    Game 1: 7-0
    Saul x 2
    Adam x 3
    Louis x2

    Game 2: 6-1
    Louie x 4


  • First league match for the Undercogs. Aaron and Ted came out hungry and merciless, managing to put away 4 goals, Alex stays back and holds goal with some effect, conceding 3 to the Los Parceros + a zeroed in Mya as sub UC 4 - 3 LP

    Second game, the frantic energy gets too much and Ted decides to face plant the court off the ball and breaks his forks, ranks break. Beagle, Mya and Danilito smell no pity and unleash Hell Undercogs lose 8-1
    UC 1 - 8 LP

  • Hot Mess vs Tres tacos por favor: 1-1
    Game 1: 1-4
    Plumber x1

    Dany x1
    Tony x3

    Game 2: 1-0
    Plumber x1

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League XV chat

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