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  • Muc-off valves for £9.99? I should build a mtb.

    Been bumping around on an Arkose for years now and have been itching to swap out the frameset for something that takes tyres measured in inches.

    Wait, no, not because of a weird brexit fetish for the good ol' days of imperial measure, but the reality is, the most fun parts of a UK gravel ride are the sections of singletrack trail.

    Picking a frameset
    Started looking at the Brother Big Bro, 90s mtb vibes, lots of mounts, proven in Kyrgyzstan, an ideal adventure bike for an aspirational desk worker. Moved onto wanting something more modern but still with the desk worker adventure bike aspiration that could still take a pannier rack... deposit placed on a Holt.

    Build and parts
    SID felt like a mandatory option, sorry, it's not blue.

    Expecting delays in the PDF and the frameset will be the last part to arrive but until then, can gather parts. Not convinced this needs a build thread yet but still time to be pushed into more exotic parts or onto handlebars that wouldn't look out of place in Torture Garden.

  • Loving this thread already. Hope you change your mind and spray paint the SID blue at a later stage. :P

  • The Holt seems like a nicely thought out 'normal' XC bike. Look forward to seeing this one

  • Knowing moar rubber was wanted before even setteling on the Holt, jumped on a group order for AM927 hoops from LightBicycle. 27mm internal is maybe a little wide but they recomend a 2.1" ~ 2.7" range.

    With the Holt on order and knowing it's BOOOOOSt, going to get these over to Arkane to hook onto some XT hubs. Have Vittoria Mezcals incoming, 2.1" & 2.25". If I've understood correctly, it's fashion to mix tyres sizes in mtbing.

  • Vittoria Mezcals

    ah so you are building a road bike?

  • Subbed

  • Vittoria Mezcals

    ah so you are building a road bike?

    more of a rig perfect for 60km round Kent

  • Not convinced this needs a build thread

    Your thread doesn’t need to be all Gucci bits or self made, mad adventures or whatever, just your own cataloguing thoughts and parts and whatever. Someone thinking of building up a Holt will look in for inspiration.

    What colour have you gone for?

  • Hoping for violet

  • Same

  • Hoping for violet
    lovehoney .co.uk purple

  • What colour have you gone for?

    Do like the violet lovehoney .co.uk sex toy purple but decided the desert will age better.

  • Down the rabbit hole I've been. Brakes. 2 pot vs 4 pot. FIGHT.

    Were 4 pots created by big bike to make me doubt if 2 pot can even be called brakes? Then we have Deore, SLX, XT, XTR, what is Saint, drip it with Hope or something more exotic. SRAM just fugly, saved time not looking there.

    In the end, I should have sought sponsorship from r2-bike, who are selling XT parts for the same as SLX. Chose 2 pots, who knows if this will even stop.

    For gearing, settled on SLX where XT is double the price.

  • slx is probably fine.

  • 2 pot shimanos are so good. When it comes to changing pads as well, spend the money on the galfer green or purple compounds, Green front purple rear ideally. My mate put me on to them and I wouldn't go back now.

    I have the newer XT 4 pots on my full sus and they are ace. They really resist fade but tbh for my average midweek ride around the forest my 2 pots on my hardtail are more than enough.

  • Thanks, expecting good things and going to pair with a 180mm front / 160mm rear rotors.

  • Any strong opinions on T47 73mm thread fit bottom brackets?

    Found some bargain XT cranks, need something for 24mm axles. Praxis Works sell a more budget option that works with standard shimano tools. Fancied Hope but 30mm only.

  • i love asensible persons, posh hardtail and this is shaping up to be a gooden'!

  • Any strong opinions on T47 73mm thread fit bottom brackets?

    I have some in the shed, made by Rotor (24mm axle)

  • I have some in the shed, made by Rotor (24mm axle)

    Looks like I already have the Rotor tools, happy to relieve one of these from your shed, will drop a pm soon

  • thank u sir


    You've read the lookbook and the design notes more times than you wish to admit, but have you read the minor design updates? Put a fake meeting in your Outlook as you're taking a long lunch today.

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  • That cable gui…
    Oops, nearly spoiled the ending

  • only 11 pages?! cancel your order RIGHT NOW

  • fairlight really do know their customers don't they, wonderful, i bet this like christmas to a person who rests their head in their hands 43 minutes a day at their pc in an industrial park

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Holt my beer

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