All City Big Block 58cm Tracklocross - lilac

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  • Hello, I haven't been using this Pastel Fever Dream <3 so I'm going to make some room for something probably even more silly. There's a slight dent in the TT (not from me surprisingly) and a few paint chips, most notably on the DT near the logo (see pics).

    Lilac Big Block 58cm
    Pink 32c Gravelkings lolsick
    Wide Ritchey bars and 110mm stem madting
    All City saddle whatevs
    Brooks grips lolwhut
    BLB front brake / Miche caliper brakeRdeth
    Flip flop wheelset with freewheel (currently fixed 46 x 19t skrrt)
    Can probably find some flat pedals or bring your own
    Anodised pink cage bolts ohbaby
    Supersick stickerz lufgussnshit

    I'd like £450, hopefully that's not wayyy off the mark.

    Collection E.Dulwich or near Forest Hill station.

  • Gorgeous build, good price, wish it was smaller 🥲 glws

  • Lovely, glws!! If you’re willing to let go of those pink gks please let me know, cheers.

  • Thanks, yeah it is a bit on the large side.

  • Normally i’m a L / between 56 -58 frames. But All City run so large! I max out at their 55cm frames

  • Still available?

  • Yep, still available. Drop me a PM.

  • how tall you @monkdagola

  • Dibs, pm sent

  • Interested also
    Second dibs if others don’t take it :)
    Can collect this week

  • Hey, I'm 6ft1 for reference.

  • Heya, thanks. I'll give you shout if not.

  • Undibs... tried to buy it but it seems impossible. Seller dont respond

  • or they are just busy? lol

  • @jmg412 Agreed to meet today to buy the bike and no replies. Was meant to send me pic yday... no pic

    Maybe people shouldnt be posting things for sale if they dont want to sell them lolol


  • guess im next in line, we shall see what provails, sorry to heat you had issues jakub

  • Good luck, Just needed a bike asap really. Hopefully you get through to him, nice one!

  • random things come up all the time, etc etc. Better to er on side of understanding and empathy :)


  • @rosskenttt i ended up buying it in the end

  • Ah you lucky boy
    I’ve got another project I’m working on actually
    So alls fair in love and war

  • Heya, I've just seen these messages. Bike was sold to Jakub today.
    All's good so will be closing the thread.

  • @rosskenttt if i ever sell it ill give you a shout! Nice one and good luck with the project

    @monkdagola thanks for dropping the bike off to waterloo, pleasure


All City Big Block 58cm Tracklocross - lilac

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