The fall of the Tory party

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  • If BoJo has been selected for Pinner dose that stop him going for another constituency, like Henley?

  • No, because as we all know, the rules only apply to little people.

  • The media 'Uxbridge' is shorthand for the full name of the gerrymandered seat of 'Uxbridge & South Ruislip'. The loss of South Ruislip meant the previous 'Ruislip & Northwood' had to steal 'Pinner' from the next London borough over, Harrow.
    Johnson: 'Uxbridge & South Ruislip',
    David Simmonds: 'Ruislip, Northwood & Pinner'.

  • They'll all be off to board at 13 anyway

    Part timers, I was off to boarding school at 7, never did me any harm, etc....

  • Think of it this way, the higher earners with nannies are able to work and pay income tax. You should be annoyed at people who can perform well paid jobs but stay at home to spend time with the kids :)

  • You should be annoyed at people who can perform well paid jobs but stay at home to spend time with the kids :)

    Come at me.

  • I've been bitching at my wife about this for years....

  • Breaking turnip news:

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  • Next couple of days should be good popcorn fun. Today - Johnson's 'why I'm not guilty' dossier that we have paid two hundred grand for and tomorrow the live committee session.

  • Yeah, Private Eye had this last week. I did a little lol.

  • The vote of the NI protocol on Wednesday too could be interesting given that the DUP are voting against. I wonder how many tories will join them, not many I should think, but you never know with this death cult.

  • I feel that it needs to start with an intro listing his various excuses before he's allowed to submit his defence. There were only 4 right?

    1. No parties.
    2. Not aware of any parties.
    3. Didn't attend any parties.
    4. Some jorno sycophant I hired for rimming duties sent me a WhatsApp saying it was within the rules.

  • I saw some journalists only half joking if anyone knew a pub that was showing the committee hearing.

  • "Johnson's written submission contains no new documentary evidence." - so that's been shot straight down by the committee

    How much of the reported £250k did that pile of typo-ridden paper cost?

  • It's a complete load of gaslighting nonsense. Hope they rip the lying fucker to shreds.

  • Hope they rip the lying fucker to shreds.

    Same, but I reckon about 3 of the 4 hours will be him consulting with his counsel before answering even basic questions. Bet they don't get the chance, unfortunately.

  • There’s just no way in the world the system is going to punish one of their own to any meaningful degree.

    Where he came from, who he knows, what he stands for, it all means too much.

  • Yep - I imagine for optics they'll say he should have corrected the record earlier and give him something minimal like a 2 day suspension from the commons that he rarely bothers to go to anyway.

  • It's a Parliamentary Committee and therefore subject to Parliamentary Privilege, so there is no counsel. But there is the same level of protection from legal action or criminal investigation that exists in the Chamber, so you don't need it.

  • He actually put in a decent peformance during the last committee hearing. His own cabinet were gathering to oust him at the same time, but still.

  • I thought he was allowed Lord Panic to sit there with him and hold his hand?

    (Edit: just spotted autocorrect, but I'll leave it in)

  • I don't think he is going to face any meaningful consequences for his actions.

  • Hmm, you thought right - in fact he has a 'taxpayer-funded legal team' according to the BBC.

    I guess it might be different for Privileges as he can be suspended or even expelled from Parliament (in theory) but most committees are definitely toothless watchdogs. I fear @moocher is right unfortunately.

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The fall of the Tory party

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