The fall of the Tory party

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  • Lancashire Police said it was "aware of the matter and we will be looking into it".

    No doubt they've still got 4000 holes to look into first.

  • I really don't like him.

  • He does seem like a bit of a rum cove

  • 30p is apparently taking some time off twitter for a 'detox'. Well, that or his handlers have taken away his phone.

  • You say as Sunak did

    “brief error of judgment”
    "Brief moment of madness"
    (some married mp caught crusing on Clapham Common)

  • Didn't want to be involved in the 30p Lee Katy doxxing but was suprised to see that more wasn't made of the significant amount of quite spendy jewelry on her wrists. A few Tiffany items, a Bulgari ring. Some pearls. Maybe thats her insurance against food pirates and their jewelry for a funeral.

  • Yeh someone in the comments posted they knew her from a £30k/ year private school, so can assume she has a safety net against Lee's pay

  • My deepest sympathies

  • I don't really get why Johnson was constantly borrowing so much money. The maintenance figures must be pretty consistent and he never seems to pay for anything else himself.

  • You don’t spend capital, you borrow against it I guess

  • Haha shit, she went my school.

  • Fucking hell, Sunak was risible at PMQs, stated Zahawi was appointed before his time even came out with“I believe in proper due process which is why I appointed an independent ethics advisor”.

    And then, in response to last question attacked Starmer as weak and lacking in principles, something something anti-semitism something something Corbyn, only lacked reference to union barons.

    Pathetic stuff

  • This Corbyn stuff seems really weak given that he's currently suspended from the Labour Party with seemingly no prospect of returning. Not sure if I'm missing something or it really just is a shit tactic.

  • It’s seriously weak sauce to keep referring back 3 years when in just 90 days under Sunak there’s been the Braverman and Raab (strangely quiet on both), Williamson sacked also for bullying and now Zahawi. But, as a caller on 5Live said, important to have wealth creators in government…

  • 'No 10 refuses to say whether Sunak himself has ever paid penalty to HMRC'

  • @Big_Ted

    Really hot take here­1726048/rishi-sunak-keir-starmer-labour-­humiliated-pmqs/amp

    When you say hot, you mean because it's just been fired out in the shape of a turd from a giant arsehole, right?

  • That and “bears zero reality to what actually happened”

  • Apparently there is some speculation that the BBC guy who fixed Johnson's loan had his nose in the Covid VIP fastlane trough.

    He is the joint largest shareholder of a biomed company. Quit his job there to advise Sunak during the pandemic. Allegedly the company received a fastrack payment for something or other. "Only" £500k but even so.

    No idea if there was any actual wrongdoing but if it turns out to be true, it stinks.

  • Oh and it looks like he transferred his ownership of his shares to a blind trust in summer 2020. That also stinks.

  • The whole top of the party seems rotten at this point and incestuous, even when they try and bring in someone independent they generally appear to of had their snout in the trough at some point or done favours in some way in the recent past, time drain the swamp as the orange one would say

  • It's all of them as you say. Javid was a non dom while an MP and treasury minister.

    There are rules about MPs not being allowed to claim non dom status but he got round it with a nested trust iirc.

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The fall of the Tory party

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