The fall of the Tory party

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  • The news thread will be clogged up with the car crash premiership of Truss. Other news is buried by this fascinating implosion.

    So deserves its own thread to document this.

    For starters here's George comparing her neo Liberal view with the overlords in They Live (without the tedious fight scene

  • Interesting video. Difficult to see how the current strategy will turn into an election win......but perhaps that is not part of the plan or objective

  • but perhaps that is not part of the plan or objective

    This is my suspicion also. Even if it isn't her & her close allies objective (and ignoring the hypotheses above to an extent), there seem to be large-ish factions within the party that want a reset. And I don't think they can stave them off forever (maybe they can buy them off for a bit though).

  • Depending on when she goes will depend on how much money she can syphon up to her mates, and how much she can trash rules and regulations, and destroy rivers, lakes and coastline, while fracking up the countryside

  • This is utterly twisting my melon. Former Sun editor speaking sense. Anti Brexit(eers) / anti Truss.
    And more importantly stating that things are so bad labour / starmer don't even need tabloid support. She's fucked.

  • Thought she had resigned when I saw this thread, or fell over during another Thatcher-porn photoshoot.

    Oh well, can't be long anyway.

  • Westminster Voting Intention (Red Wall):

    LAB: 61% (+12)
    CON: 23% (-11)
    LDM: 7% (+2)
    GRN: 4% (=)
    REF: 3% (-4)

    You love to see it...

  • Daily Express comments section in meltdown today. If anyone needs cheering up it’s pretty easy to get the gammon all fired up..

  • The journalists at conference seem to be wandering though a fog of blue on blue gunsmoke.
    Noone has seen anything like the shitshow of cabinet ministers popping off at each other in the open

  • Top marks to whoever it was I saw on Twitter who described the Conservative Party as a "fucktangle of shitweasels"

  • "fucktangle of shitweasels"

    Must be Dancing James

  • She would crash into “a black car suddenly braking on black tarmac in the shade” even when it’s a stopped blue car in broad daylight, spectacular levels of ineptitude.

  • Going well for Truss so far...

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  • Can we have an election please?
    A proper one
    Not another blessing by cuntshower

  • Can we have an election please?

    What she said

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  • I don't see cunt on there.

  • Diagonally from the C of incompetent, it's subtle but it's there.

  • In a complete non-surprise, Truss's walk on music - M People's Moving on up - was not sanctioned to be used.

    So sad it got used by this shower of a government. BTW Truss labour used it with permission in 90's. I don't want my song being a soundtrack to lies.

  • That speech was dross. "Anti growth coalition" FFS.

  • Fucking grim stuff, plenty of pauses for laughter/applause met by silence.

    Falsely claimed to be the first PM to go to comprehensive school, an untruth repeated by supporters in later interviews. I never understand why they lie about something that can so easily be fact checked

  • She also sticks really weird emphasis in her sentences so gets applause mid way through.

  • Best bit was the Greenpeace folk asking who voted for this shower of shit.

  • She actually talked about growing up in the desolation of late 80's being her political inspiration.

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The fall of the Tory party

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