Selling my garage Cinelli mash vigorelli

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  • Hello I’m from Ukraine 🇺🇦
    But I can ship anywhere you want

    All bikes are here­7803545/permalink/5520109921378066/

  • Frameset: Cinelli Mash sscx 2013 61 cm
    -hubs Harmony lab (made in Ukraine)24h
    -cog blb 17t
    -rims Dt Swiss rr511
    -tires panaracer slick 700/38
    Crankset: sram omnium 165mm, 48
    Chain: Izumi
    Cockpit: Thomson handlebar, stem
    Brakes: Trp cantilever trp brake shifters
    Seatpost: Thomson seatback
    Saddle: Brooks c17 curved
    Bar tape: brooks cambium
    Plus bonus:
    Mash photo book
    Mash hat(new)
    Chrome bag
    Chrome shoes 14us
    Cinelli bottle new

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  • Frameset: Cinelli Mash histogram 2015 xxl
    -hubs Phil wood 28h
    -cog Eai 17 t
    -rims H plus son archetype
    -tires Continental gatorskin 700/28
    Crankset: sram omnium 165mm, 48
    Chain: Izumi mash black
    Pedals: Cult Cinelli straps
    Cockpit: Thomson handlebar, stem, spacers, top cap
    Brakes: Sram
    Seatpost: Thomson + seat collar
    Saddle: Brooks c15
    Grips: brooks cambium
    Bell: cane creek mash

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  • Frameset: Cinelli Mash Bolt 58
    -hubs Victoire
    -cog Victoire 17t
    -rims Mavic Open Pro
    -tires Michelin/Vittoria
    Crankset: Campagnolo Record 170mm, 49t
    Bottom bracket: Campagnolo Record
    Chain: Miche
    Pedals: MKS
    Cockpit: Cinelli Vai + Cinelli Pepper + Cult Vans
    Brakes: Campagnolo Veloce + PAUL Cross
    Seatpost: Thomson
    Saddle: Brooks c15


    The bike is in the Czech Republic, delivery is possible worldwide.

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    • 6FD6F343-D070-4246-96FF-28BECDDD3780.jpeg
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    • E5A213D4-DDCA-4078-A56C-0828D0F2C81E.jpeg
    • 38250434-14B8-4863-A75B-7CA914D83364.jpeg
  • Frameset: Cinelli Vigorelli 58
    -hubs Mack Superlight
    -rims H+Son SL 42
    -tires WTB Thickslick Flat Guard 700x25c
    -spokes Sapim Laser Black
    Crankset: Sram Omnium 165mm, 48t
    Bottom bracket: GXP 68мм BSA
    Chain: Izumi Jet Black
    Pedals: SaltPlus Echo CNC SB + Cinelli Mike Giant Straps
    -Cinelli Mash stem + Cinelli Pepper Handlebar + Cinelli Grips Mike Giant Handlebars
    -Cinelli Ant Stem + Cinelli Mash Bullhorn + Cinelli Mike Giant Velvet Ribbon
    Seatpost: SM-Parts Lightskin
    Saddle: Brooks Cambium C15 Carved

    Front wheel: BLB NOTORIOUS 90 + Mack Sheriff Star + Sapim Laser Black + Continental RACE + WTB Thickslick Flat Guard 700x25c

    2000€ without front carbon wheel

    The bike is in the Czech Republic, delivery is possible worldwide.

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    • EE9083B7-E7AD-4F24-A793-A902AFDF927D.jpeg
    • 5CC678D5-C739-457C-81F4-96B91B6D82A3.jpeg
    • AFE62F48-BB56-4A82-9B01-E21A8A248E2C.jpeg
    • CA561B7E-D015-419F-94E5-C5771F9EAA48.jpeg
    • 53F5839E-8205-4875-9A8B-2C725ED47802.jpeg
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  • More

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  • Feel free to make me any offer.
    I’m open for any options (combinations)

    Peace ✌️🇺🇦

  • Only these left

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  • Probably worth reposting this in the classifieds as this section doesn't get as much traffic.

  • Thank you

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Selling my garage Cinelli mash vigorelli

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