British Cycling being embarassing, obsequious idiots ...

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  • their leadership working with us on the areas that matter to our members

    So are Shell going to lead BC in areas that matter to me?

  • Well if you're not a member anymore you won't be eligible to attend. I got my refund for the unused months of my membership a few days ago.

    I know people talk about how it's better to be inside the tent than outside pissing in, but it's pretty clear to me that while they say they're happy to keep listening to complaints they have no intention whatsoever of acting on them, so I stand by my decision.

  • Oh I’m not questioning anyone’s decision to kill their membership, didn’t mean it to come across like that.

  • I respect anyone who has taken the decision to leave. I hope the BC board take notice of the significant drop in membership (and revenue).

    I remain absolutely appalled by the Shell decision, and am angered at the mealy-mouthed responses since, but as a BC member for over 30 years, I'm determined to remain inside the tent and fight the idiocy from within.

  • Announce shell
    Give a months grace to see how membership has been effected .
    Announce the agm post regional votes.
    I dont think this is going to go away.
    I resigned as well.? Fkm

  • I've sent my card back & put them to the trouble of a GDPR subject "right to be forgotten" request to boot. I am annoyed that I won't be able to keep subs going for my local club—even though I haven't ridden with them for ages—but there's no way I'll subsidise the boneheads currently running British Cycling. Happy to piss all over their tent.

  • I’ve just joined Cycling UK. I would have habitually rejoined BC with my club membership but the Transgender idiocy followed by Shell made me pause and think what I wanted from an organisation.
    Racing isn’t important in the greater scheme.

  • That article headline is pure clickbait. The growth of u23 development teams means there is much less need for National federations to provide racing opportunities for promising riders. The changes BC have made reflect that reality.

  • Off the top of my head, there are at least six British neo-pros joining World Tour teams next season. None of them have been full-time BC academy riders.

  • Has this been resoilved yet?

  • Yeah, we're oil pinning homemade numbers on and ripping up shorter audaxes next year.

  • There goes my domination of the niche within a niche within a niche...

    Maybe I'll Shell out for one of those e-bikes.

  • It is said that the number of BC membership direct debit cancellations after the Shell anouncement has been small.

    Can this be true? Perhaps many of those leaving paid by other means, or like me are lazily waiting for our membership to expire (I've just had a reminder and I promise to write a rude email telling them why I'm not renewing).

    I'm curious about this - does anyone here have any idea of the numbers?

  • I’m doing the same as you. So that’s two.

  • You could both email and you won't be renewing when your membership expires unless things change in the meantime

  • Three over here. And I raced regularly. Not sure anyone has noticed yet though

  • Yeah, the fb comments were very negative but the shape of rider development pathway has changed for sure. I guess the pendulum will swing back again sometime on the future.

  • 4 I emailed them some questions but they took so long to reply my membership lapsed

  • Maybe get someone who still has membership to ask for the numbers at the AGM?

    Letters in the post have a more visceral impact than emails, but possibly only on some poor admin intern.

  • None of the bigwigs would be there today, also none of the other b.c. staff either, unless tutors running a L2 course were about, unlikely as most of the site is a building site still.

    The building staff don't work for BC (BC are tennants) and Shell aren't building sponsors like HSBC were.

    It'd have made more sense on a weekday perhaps, but as most b.c. staff wfh post-covid it still wouldn't have had a great impact imo.

  • I think the point was to get the action in the news, and to keep the issue in the public’s eye.

  • 5
    Including the LFGSS club

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British Cycling being embarassing, obsequious idiots ...

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