British Cycling being embarassing, obsequious idiots ...

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  • I am pretty peed off BC have got involved with Shell, ill thought out and added to their views on cycling during an old ladies funeral shows they are not really thinking straight.

    I do belong because I need a race licence but it seems wrong only one organisation can do that??

    Every year the licenses are late because and I quote ''Everyone wants them at once'' er yeah cos they run from Jan to Dec, if you did it so it ran from when ever you joined it would spread the work load, so with get more staff in for a busy time or spread it out.

  • That is just it, Shell are using BC as a whore.

  • That is just it, Shell are using BC as a green wash whore. I won't renew in 2023, I won't race, simple. I can just cycle when I like? We can cycle today can't we even with a new PM? Just checking

  • We've lost a race here this season as a direct result of the sponsorship, might be set to lose more than we gain if we stick with BC.

  • Seemed apt. Big oil and creating doubt using media, easily applied to sportwashing.­3ag

  • It took me two weeks but I finally got round to writing my letter to BC and sending back my cut up membership card.

    Cancellation of British Cycling membership in protest at Shell UK sponsorship

    Dear Sir or Madam,

    Further to my correspondence with your membership team earlier this month I am writing to cancel my membership of British Cycling in protest at the decision to accept Shell UK as an official sponsor of British Cycling. My membership card is enclosed.

    In the response to my email to your Membership Team I was told that the sponsorship would “ us to progress important work to move our business and sport towards net-zero”.

    That the management and Board of British Cycling see a grubby sponsorship deal with an oil company with a highly questionable environmental record - who were responsible for disclosed emissions of 1,377 million tonnes of carbon dioxide in 2020 alone - as a viable way of achieving this is quite incredible.

    It is hard to believe that they were not aware of the incompatibility of aligning the national organisation responsible for promoting cycling with one of the world’s biggest polluters and major oil companies.

    If they were, it shows poor judgement and zero regard for the views of a sizable proportion of your membership. If they were not, it shows poor judgement and a worrying detachment from the views of your members.

    The climate emergency is real - it is happening here and it is happening now. I find it extremely disappointing that British Cycling are choosing to ignore it.

    Yours faithfully,


  • @damskodonny and @lazysuperhero I think on reflection you were right about Ineos, but at least they won't be able to do any fracking in the UK now!

  • Job lined up at Shell?


    Restrictions on how certain sustainability-related terms – such as ‘ESG’, ‘green’ or ‘sustainable’ – can be used in product names and marketing for products which don’t qualify for the sustainable investment labels. It is also proposing a more general anti-greenwashing rule covering all regulated firms. This will help avoid misleading marketing of products.

    That the FCA is updating its rules to reflect this tells me that they are seeing financial firms push the limit. NB these changes will only apply to financial services.

  • I just got an email from BC ....

    I’m writing to invite you to an optional Volunteer Forum event, which will take place virtually on Tuesday 8 November at 6:30pm, and be led by British Cycling’s Commercial Director, Darren Henry, and Head of Commercial Partnerships, Chris Williams.

    In the session, Darren and Chris will run through a short presentation and answer questions on our current commercial partnerships, our work to secure new partners, and how our work with partners can support us to deliver our ‘Lead our sport, inspire our communities’ strategy.

    Due to the number of people we expect to attend, questions should be submitted in advance to , by 12pm on Friday 4 November. The session won't be recorded, however, if you're not able to attend on this date, we're planning to host similar opportunities in the future as part of our work to strengthen communications with our volunteers and workforce. Therefore, I look forward to seeing some of you virtually next week and meeting many more of you in the months and years ahead.

  • Oh maybe they are listening!!

  • Struck me as, "A lot of you have complained, so here are our commercial people to explain why we're right and you're wrong."

  • I think that is spot on.

  • The problem with all things like this is the false dichotomy they use to justify the bad decision. It's as if they are saying:

    "Without Shell's grubby money British Cycling wouldn't be able to do anywhere near as much as it does now, therefore anyone who disagrees with Shell's sponsorship wants grass roots cycling to be punished."

    The truth is that the same money from a more ethical sponsor would be just as good for cycling. It wasn't a choice of "Shell's grubby money or nothing".

    It's just that getting that same sponsorship money elsewhere is almost certainly going to be harder work than getting it from Big Oil who are more than happy to splash the cash to help their greenwashing plans.

    In other words, BC were just lazy and took the easy less ethical option.

  • Lazy certainly seems a good choice of words.

  • Facer and his commercial director came from a football/rugby background where (broad brush strokes here) very few people have ethical concerns about the source of sponsorship. What they failed to appreciate is that a lot of BC members do have ethical concerns, so it looks from the outside that they went for the easy money options rather than seeking funding from strategically aligned sponsors.

  • I did not know that this is interesting, I would suggest (no facts) that people are members of BC because the cycle at whatever level or they have youngsters that do. Rugby can be the demographic that used to play and younger men and more so now women but perhaps it is now 'pub with a pitch' at the club and bigs days at internationals. Nowt wrong with any of that but it is not high on the ethical spectrum. I am always fascinated how people spend their leisure time. I love it.

  • I am always fascinated how people spend their leisure time. I love it.

    Alright Spud

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  • .

  • I went to England vs. Argentina on Sunday, the first match I’ve been to since about 1990 in Hunslet.
    A pub with a pitch is a perfect description, I was told as it was going to be an English walkover the tickets were easier to get by the real fans and there were fewer corporate tickets. Excluding the families with kids I doubt 1 in 100 had played rugby in the past year, maybe 50% could run the length of the pitch without needing a defibrillator at the end.
    The fumes coming off the crowd were a heady mix of Guinness and cholesterol.
    The nearest comparison to cycling I can get is the TDF Grand depart years ago where the crowds average life expectancy was 20 years longer.
    £91 for a ticket way up on the upper level BTW.

  • It means my racing career is over

    I've been racing for years without BC membership. Just do different races.

    See you in Morocco in Feb? :)

  • “Dear Dibble
    It has been difficult to observe the upset caused by the announcement amongst some of our valued members. Our partnership with Shell follows a year of discussions, and several gateways had to be passed through for the Board and Executive Leadership Team to feel assured that this partnership was the right thing for British Cycling. It is certainly our wholehearted belief that to have Shell committing to advancing cycling in the UK for the next 8 years, and to have their leadership working with us on the areas that matter to our members, will create a marked positive impact and we will demonstrate this through the actions that their commitment will enable.

    Our National Council (AGM) provides an opportunity for members to direct questions to The Board and Executive Leadership Team. This year's takes place on Sunday 20 November, and if you wish to find out more about how you can attend, please email

    If you don't wish to attend but have further questions on the process for sharing your thoughts, you can contact your Regional Board through­ons.

    Many thanks for your ongoing support as a member, and we will continue to listen.

    Best regards,

  • Wow

    Dear BC member,

    We are aware that we have shat our pants in public. We are not ashamed and we believe that shitting your pants in public is good. We will continue to shit our pants in public. It is you who is wrong on this.

  • Our National Council (AGM) provides an opportunity for members to direct questions to The Board and Executive Leadership Team. This year's takes place on Sunday 20 November, and if you wish to find out more about how you can attend, please email

    Bets the first thing they say about attending is that if you've fucked off your membership in protest then you're no invited?

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British Cycling being embarassing, obsequious idiots ...

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