British Cycling being embarassing, obsequious idiots ...

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  • They’ve just announced an eight year sponsorship deal with Shell.

    Fucking idiots.

  • Just saw this.

    Trying to figure out how to renew cycling club membership next year without the associated BC membership being automatically included.

  • I'm looking for coaching insurance outside of BC membership. Best options?

  • @honk Not sure what you mean - renewal of the two are separate and on different schedules?

  • many clubs do it through the BC portal/system

  • Ahh I had thought it was automatically thrown in with my club membership, turns out it isn't having just double-checked. (It's via their portal system)

    Cycling UK it is then...

  • Yes, I am a club membership sec who unfortunately has to use this half-functional, bug-ridden tool for now.

    But club membership administered using BC's tool is separate from individuals' BC membership.

    Clubs may require members to also be BC members, and obviously lots will be for racing (congrats on win yesterday btw) but that's a separate issue.

  • Yes I know I am your (joint) club membership sec 🙂.

  • I've emailed BC's board - - to register my disgust at the Shell sponsorship announcement. I urge other BC members to do the same so they appreciate the groundswell of opinion amongst their own members on this.

    I'll also be contacting our local BC representative to share my concerns with her.

  • Hahaha : )

  • It really is the worst website ever. No amount of oil money will change that!

    (and thanks)

  • Thank you, have emailed.

  • ^emailed too.

  • No fucking way, i can't even... Jesus christ.

    This is full useful idiot mode engaged. Shell is just using them to greenwash themselves. Massive facepalm.

  • Thanks for highlighting this Andy. I'll be doing the same.

  • Tbh this is the logical conclusion for something like INEOS + pro cycling. Cycling (and some sections of cycling fandom) are totally cool with INEOS being so imbedded in and using cycling as a figleaf for their activities. And they're as bad as if not worse than Shell in some respects, they're involved in some huge fracking + shale gas based carbom bomb projects.

    Their lobbying and their green washing activities put most others' efforts to shame.

  • Off to the bank to cancel next years annual renewal which starts in november . Emailed them to tell them such . Tossers off to the ctc instead . They will be busy tomorrow .

  • Thanks will do the same this evening and have sent a snarky tweet.

    However if the deal is signed unfortunately I don't think it will do much - the last thing they'll want is a breach of contract court case with someone with pockets as deep as Shell.

    This leaves me in a difficult position because I really don't want to leave my club but I also feel I have to cancel my membership on principle.

  • Unless it's a requirement of your club to be a BC member and you need a race then you can get the same cover and support from Cycling UK.

    If it is a requirement then hold your nose and put up a motion for a rule change at the club's AGM; which must be imminent.

  • “The idea of Shell helping British Cycling reach net zero is as absurd as beef farmers advising lettuce farmers on how to go vegan,” the Greenpeace UK policy director, Dr Doug Parr said.

    fucking ridiculous.
    cycling UK here I come.

  • Also just emailed them to ask wtf

  • have emailed as well.

  • If i recall the membership office is at the manchester velodrome . That will be an interesting day for them tomorrow.
    I can see their internet crashing

  • Emailed and cancelled the dd

  • I've just gained my coaching qualifications but have been protesting at possibly needing a BC membership to validate it all.

    My contact at Scottish Cycling has said if I can provide BC with proof of coaching insurance then I don't need a membership, I've thanked her for this and stressed that the Shell partnership has only strengthened my resolve to not be involved with or fund BC (even indirectly as my employer would pay it).

    This likely won't get fed back to them but as I'm not a member not sure I have much more of a voice.

    Maybe I should call them dodgy cunts again, that got their attention last time...

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British Cycling being embarassing, obsequious idiots ...

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