• A lovely steel Alves road bike with mini rack at the rear

    Reynolds 653 w/ Cinelli BB & Fork crown

    Mixed Shimano 10 speed groupset

    Mavic Wheelset

    Rolls saddle

    Super comfortable ITM wingshape bars

    Thread - Ahead conversion

    Seat tube 21" CT
    Top tube 21" CC

    £500 including shipping anywhere in the UK (i am based in perth, scotland)

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  • ..

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  • So. Nice.

  • Nice that

  • hello potentially interested in this. what size tyres are they? and what do you think it could run max?

  • nice

  • Hello! I believe this can take 28mm no problem maybe even a 32, I left the bike at my mates a couple days ago after a pub crawl. It will be back with me this evening and i can try a larger tyre.

  • & thanks to everyone else for their comments :) It is a lovely wee bike but a bit small for me

  • I thought they were built by Charlie Ralph just outside Elgin, Moray...... not Oban..........

  • Correct, Elgin springs or earlier along the road between forres and Nairn. Charlie was a good friend back in the day.....lovely fella if you weren't in a rush 🤣

  • lovely fella if you weren't in a rush

    Is a description of all the good frame builders I have known

  • Steve Goff...

  • Ahh yeah you guys are right sorry! It was Elgin where this was built. This belonged to Vic Polanksi from dundee... He is pretty well known by the vcc folks all over the UK and a good mate of mine.

  • Polanski's owned more bikes than Halfords have had for sale.....
    Was this originally from the Bob Ross sale?

  • He still does own more bikes than halfords has for sale! I actually swapped this for a sweet higgins tricycle, i believe he had this alves since before the bob ross sale. I actually sold off the last of that collection a couple years back. Still have a lot of random bits around

  • Bump £480 posted

  • This is divine – the mini rack is very special.

    I think I'm just kidding myself on, but what would the clearance be like with mudguards?

    Good to see I can bother you on here as well as eBay.

  • You know you want it! ;) I will get back too you asap with clearances... I still need to go get it back from my mates porch

  • £460 posted!

  • Vic best me in a grass track 1600 once when I was 23.

    He definitely didn’t mention it all day. Good guy loves his bikes likes, proper eclectic mad collection.

  • He was the scottish grass track champion for a year or two i am sure. I am based outside perth and worked in a social enterprise bike shop a while back where he would appear looking for parts and what not. Id say it was him that originally influenced my love for the vintage steel bikes. He is almost 3x my age and still puts out more miles than me! His collection really is quite special and all gets regular use not just squirreled away never too see the light of day

  • £450 posted... Great winter bike folks!

  • That rack is so nicely integrated! GLWS!

  • Definitely, very rarely seen him turn up to a grass track event on the same bike.

    A passionate passionate man about cycling in a way most people won’t get until you meet and have a chat with him.

  • His sheds speak a thousands words!

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Alves Light Tourer - Frame handbuilt in Oban - Scotland- Mixed shimano (dura ace etc..)

Posted by Avatar for Nbenja3 @Nbenja3