Autumn HDIJ gear-check / fun-check rides

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  • We didn't get a chance to chat much the other week so we can do so on this one!

    BTW I really appreciate the chat about coming out East for a loop - that would be really nice. There are some great roads around my end. I thought Nov was maybe a little soon to make people think about trains and stuff though. Maybe for the Dec one. I'll try and make sure I've got enough time to stay for a least a pint this time too.

  • Thread for the '23 ride is up!

    In the shorter term looking forward to the 19th of Nov

  • What pub did you all go to last time? I'll put that in the route and then we can ride right to it instead of slaining it down the pedestrianised high street.

    Weather is looking chilly but bright!

  • Star and Garter for pints at the end! Route updated (and also gently flatted)

  • Cheers for this @youramericanlover Up for Saturday, but haven’t ridden since the last one so am feeling pretty flat and potential to bail :/ Recurring infection in the minor op wound I mentioned up thread. On third round of antibiotics atm which is making me feel bleary (more than usual) …think it might have been all the leaping around for Bespoked show that did me. Gutted, was carrying some good fitness from summer riding and running, now all gone to pot!

  • Ah sorry to hear it. It's such a busy time of the year, people underestimate that the run up to December can be as mental as Xmas itself. Anyway hope you get feeling better soon.

  • Am I missing anyone who said they were provisionally in for Sat?

    1) YAL
    2) Thrasher
    3) jmg412
    4) cagimaha
    5) ojwithbits
    6) ruserius

  • Trains are all good, see you in 90 mins!

  • Going to have to do a last minute pull out sadly! I’ve been on some painkillers for something minor but they’ve left me feeling pretty nauseous the past couple days. Thought I’d be fresh this morning, but sadly not. Hopefully I’ll get the next one :( If not, January and I’ll meet everyone then! Have a good ride

  • ^same, rough on the pills I’m taking :/ Have a great ride all + see you in December!

  • Sorry to have missed you both, hope you're on the up ASAP.

    Good ride today! Teetering on the edge of moderate, that verged on on hard (or I was tired). Great group, and hi @Klar your assistance at the pub was much appreciated

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  • really great route and group. Nice to meet you all. Looking forward to the next one! I will be fitting a bigger cog.

  • Definitely tipped over into hard for me but was obviously worth the effort.
    Was bonking a bit on way home weaving through thousands of cars along A205 and A3220.

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  • 5 star Greggs too

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  • Great day out if a bit more work than I'd thought it would be!

    Thanks all for coming along

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  • I've got a box of tubes and a dynamo disc fork earmarked for a fixed audaxy build. Hopefully to be finished in the new year to join these rides. Sad to have missed today's

  • Oh yeah here is the shampoo I was talking about on the ride (you had to be there):

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  • I’m even more sorry I missed the ride now!

    Not sure what the conversation was, but I can say with some 50% authority (homo sapien, non-equine), that it’s not all it’s cracked up to be. Stick to humanoid shampoo and conditioner, unless you are showering with your horse/donkey.

  • @Chopsicle Ha! I was always doubtful about it myself. My brother was into it the late 90s (shoulder length ginger hair), though I have no idea how he knew about it as he was an art student, not a cowhand. My hometown in Idaho had couple of good ranch supply stores though so maybe it was big in mountain town counterculture.

  • It’s a mutiny!

    YAL says he can’t do any December dates but might at a whisper make this one:
    Ride cancelled

    Edit route added

    We have the same first name and similar ginger hair and beards so I’m taking on December. Nero in Beckenham for 8:46 for a coffee and discussion about ice risk.

    Let’s get a list going and I’ll book a flexi-return.

    1) jaeyukdap
    2) @cagimaha
    3) @Ruserius

  • I'm definitely up for this, will have a think about route but maybe try and have a cafe stop at the velo barn just to change things up a bit.

  • In! (As long as they have an RSPB pin badge box at Velo Barn)

    1) jaeyukdap
    2) @cagimaha
    3) @Ruserius
    4) @Chopsicle

  • Yes! In in in. Last one was great.

    1) jaeyukdap
    2) @cagimaha
    3) @Ruserius
    4) @Chopsicle
    5) Thrasher

  • Smashing :) Train tickets all booked for a nice early start. Here’s the list with less emails.

    1) jaeyukdap
    2) cagimaha
    3) Ruserius
    4) Chopsicle
    5) Thrasher

  • Thanks for getting something in the books for Decemeber! I'll see what's shaking this week and whether I can swing it on the 10th. Otherwise enjoy and I'll see you in December.

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Autumn HDIJ gear-check / fun-check rides

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