Frameset sale: ZUNOW Beradonna 52cm top tube 650c wheels

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  • I stare at this bike a lot, but don't ride it much. It's a bit small for me. It has dead on a 52cm c-c top tube.
    It's an extraordinary thing with all manner of exotic lugwork and castings.
    I imported it from Thailand a few years ago at eye-watering expense, but I'm not expecting to get back what I paid. For me it was a purchase of passion and I was blind to economic reason.
    The frame is in good structural shape. The paintwork is a bit tatty but in my opinion still beautiful!

    After £650 for the frameset (including headset) and whoever wants the frameset has the option on the Hope/Mavic 650c wheelset with nearly new Vittoria Corsas for an additional £75.



  • sorry, a pic. More to follow later.

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  • That is awesome.

  • Thank you. I think i might be falling in love all over again.
    Will post more pictures when it stops raining.

  • Wowza, lovely

  • How about selling it back to Japan? Zunow prices seem pretty strong­rom=R40&_nkw=zunow&LH_PrefLoc=2

  • Looks like a work of art - worth putting up on a wall if you're not riding it.

  • That is where it has been. My wife doesn't share my taste in art.

  • A few close ups.

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  • This frame is amazing, I'd be all over it if it was 8-10cm bigger, GLWS.

  • Thank you. I've really never seen anything quite like it. I've started staring at it again of an evening. I'm going to take it for a spin at the weekend if the weather's ok.

  • Yes really lovely frame, unfortunately too small for me. Have a 59 on sale here if interested ;)

  • They are all quite something, work of art each one....Those lugs are beautiful. GLWS

  • Thank you very much, but that'd be much too big for me.

  • Damn shes beautiful ! Keep it unless you need the extra coin, it will retain its value no doubt and finding a good zunow these days...

    If you want to use it more add a riser and xo trigger shifters 👌

  • At first glance I thought "hey that's my size!". But then 52cm, 650c ¯_ (ツ)_/¯

  • Still your size - just with zippier wheels!

  • Ah no, that was meant for user 75204 😉

  • A few more pics. The typography on this is just so pleasing.
    Me and the Zunow are just about to head out for a ride.
    As a note, the saddle height (centre of bb to top of saddle) in the first pic in this thread is 730mm so this is not a tiny tiny bike.

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  • I hope, you kept this 👌

  • I have, but more by managing to get covid (finally), and subsequent laziness. I could definitely use the space and the money. Can i tempt you? I will definitely listen to reasonable offers for all or parts of the bike.

  • Unfortunately living across the channel in Paris and with brexit putting shipping costs up, i doubt i could give you what its worth ! Best to hold out for a good offer in england before you give it away.

  • I'm only 6 miles from newhaven. It's £46 return as a foot passenger to dieppe.😁

  • Well give us a shout if you go on holiday then ! 4 hours journey makes an 8 hour round trip...

  • Sent you a message about the wheels :-)

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Frameset sale: ZUNOW Beradonna 52cm top tube 650c wheels

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