Filling a hole in the ceiling.

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  • More exciting updates;
    Today I sanded the ex-hole (for it is no longer a hole), wiped the area down with a damp clothe and have sealed the whole shabang with some let down (I’m good at letting things down I’m told) PVA glue.
    And now a cup of coffee as I wait for it to dry.
    I can tell you are all on edge with anticipation, as I.

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  • does it bother you that if you do a really good job you'll not have a mark to remind you of how good a job you did?

  • Haha!! No fear if that here!

  • And on with the first mist coat of paint.
    I hope you can all contain yourselves.
    And we wait…well we all get on with other things and try to not think about the ex-hole in my ceiling.

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  • The hero we need but don’t deserve, bravo.

  • That went well and the paint dried to a dryness of the desert. So a coat of finish paint with a soft haired brush.
    Then a wait, this time I’ll spend it going out on the Pest for a steady 15 miles, but you didn’t come here for bike crap, you came for hole no-hole action.

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  • Oops!!! I forgot to post the last update before heading out.
    That was a nice little spin out on the bike. The 42-19 gearing made the bits of climb through the woods on the single track nice and easy.
    Well I returned to find this had happened to the whole hole no-hole. To be honest it’s gone! There is no hole no-hole any longer. There is just a ceiling.
    What are we even doing here? In total posting this thread took longer than filling and finishing the hole, but it was nice to share and I’m glad you all joined me on my journey. There were lows and highs, but having you there helped me in the darkest of times.
    Thank you all.

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  • What’s that?
    You want a picture of the whole hole to no-hole to just a ceiling again?
    I present my kitchen ceiling.

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  • Pls help

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  • Ngl I really enjoyed the paint drying stage

  • I enjoyed the whole thing. Would (and probably will) read again

  • you're conning us, that pic is definitely a different part of the ceiling

  • Is any of it really my ceiling? Was there ever a hole? Or was it all just smoke?

  • It’s the first in a series of adventures in fixing the fuck up that is our house. TBH it’s mostly finished and the worst is over fingers crossed.

  • Exactly. Prove to us there was a hole, by drilling a hole in there to show the patch work. Then you can patch it up again, and document it here. Rinse and repeat.

  • Goes up stairs to rip up the rubber wet room flooring and sunken shower tray to get an above shot.

  • Thanks for this thread. It gives hope to us all.

  • If I can do it a chimp could.

  • Nice write up, thanks

  • any update? I feel with the recent news turmoil this has been forgotten and that's a shame

  • You’ve got a potential customer­

  • Well here you go.
    An update picture.
    The filler has actually shrunk a little bit, but only a tiny tiny amount. It’s not cracked and I’m sure when I next paint the ceiling it will disappear for good.
    Thank you for your concern.

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  • So glad my piss taking has possibly helped someone.

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Filling a hole in the ceiling.

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