Where to go for nightlife and culture in Bristol?

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  • Recently moved to Worcestershire and craving some city life, especially visual arts, culture, gigs, bars and clubs for occasional jaunts/late nights/early mornings. Too sleepy here and still struggling to make friends/meet like-minded people.

    Bristol's only an hour away yet I don't know it at all so can anyone make any recommendations on venues/pubs/bars to follow and keep an eye out for last-minute weekend trips and nights out? And possibly where to avoid?

  • Depends on what you like, The Trinity and Lost Horizon have interesting events.



  • https://www.headfirstbristol.co.uk/#gigs­-and-live-music is probably the best place to find out what's going on.

    Can recommend Thekla, St George's, the Louisiana, Old Market Exchange, Jam Jar, Strange Brew, quite a few nice venues about. There are a few 'specialist' venues (like the Gryphon being a metal-leaning pub) but the music scene here is quite interconnected and supportive of each other regardless of genre, and most venues will put on something you like eventually

  • Fab - thanks both. Bit of a mix in terms of what I like - everything from sludge metal and pysch through to jazz or even proper d'n'b/club night. Will take a look at those places to start!

  • Thekla is great for DnB, basement 45 used to be as well but not sure anymore as I no longer live there. Motion also good!

  • Where are you that Bristol is only an hour away? I am near Newent and have never managed to get there in an hour.

  • Thekla generally holds my attention, Mr Wolfs (is that still open?) accommodates me when I’m hammered want to hear music and eat dubious noodles

  • Upton on Severn so closer to 59 mins straight down the M5.

    Debating a move to Abergavenny at some point next year though.

  • A fucking men to Mr Wolf's

  • .

  • Mr Wolf’s is not somewhere I thought would be mentioned as a recommendation on here. I haven’t been post-COVID but ended a few messy ones there over the years - that place is shite.

    I would recommend the Plough and the Chelsea in Easton and another vote for Strangebrew - the open mic on Wednesdays is like no other I’ve attended.

  • Yeah it's no doubt changed since it's heydays of 2011

  • In a good way? I’m actually intrigued.

  • Just had a look at the Strangebrew website and realised I went to a psych/garage music day-fest thing there last year! Was excellent.

    Seeing Yard Act on Saturday night at the Marble Factory with a couple of mates. Will have driven straight from a conference in Cambridge, so it will either be straight to bed or a late night as we're staying at the YHA near the docks. Close to Thekla and Mr Wolfs, so good options based on everyone's recommendations here.

  • Kebab and Calculator in Henleaze.

  • Mr Wolf's not great IMO. Ditto the comment about not expecting to see that on here
    The Plough haha. Class. I go there quite a bit, class mix of dancefloor and locals to play pool with (some of whom think they own the place and the table)

  • The Alma pub has a theatre upstairs which does small run productions.

    Sidney and Eden on Gloucester Road is a really nice bar. Has a venue downstairs which hosts decent comedy

    Crying Wolf lovely cocktail bar on Cotham Hill. Cotham Hill has really nice restaurants, as does Chandos Road not too far away. Little Hollows/ Wilson's etc

  • Marble Factory is a great venue. Saw a band called Dope Lemon there a couple of months ago and was really impressed. Nice to not have to just drink red stripe too - quite a lot of nice Bristol Beer Factory Cans.
    On our way back, we went to Little Martha's - 10 min walk away back towards town and v good taproom.

  • See you there - the support act are also decent. Check out Panic Shack.

    Agreed on the Chelsea - pretty funny venue. Seen some wild shit.

  • @lotsirb Excellent! We’ve voted to go to the after party at The Exchange to keep things simple.

  • Two tickets available for the blue aeroplanes at the Fleece this evening

  • Don't suppose anyone has a spare Brian Jonestown Massacre ticket for the end of Jan have they that I could possibly buy? Cheers

  • Thought Bristol-based people may be interested in this as I know many people think about volunteering in the new year.

    It's a gig buddy scheme for people with learning disabilities and/or autism.


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Where to go for nightlife and culture in Bristol?

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