Muddy Fox Roadrunner 1989 Dad Bike + rides

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  • Ha, which does bring me to my next point. I’m not absolutely convinced by the safety of a vintage kids bike seat. If the weeman takes to it, I reckon I’ll definitely be keen to stump up for a proper one. Had one in the shop earlier, only £50 - hardly breaks the bank.

  • Great ride today. 40 miles on the North York Moors. Really varied terrain, some non existent paths, some borderline rough stuff that probably wasn’t that sensible, 20 miles into a headwind, some absolutely fantastic cinder paths.
    Oh, and we accidentally went up Roaedale Chimney Bank, 30% in places (image nicked off google).

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  • Few more.

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  • Strong sammich game.

  • Hunters of Helmsley - incredible deli that actually lives up to being a deli (rather than a glorified crap sandwich shop). Honestly banging.

  • Very good. Except for the flat, of course.

  • Rosedale Chimney Bank nearly finished me off when I rode it a couple of years ago. That was on a road bike as well! Some beautiful riding round there.

  • Tbh I reckon I would have struggled on my road bike too. Way more gears in the granny range on the muddy fox!
    Hope your pal is enjoying the Planet X. Been having slight pangs of regret about selling it (although it needed gone). Ran a lot smoother after I finally did the niggling maintenance that I should’ve done ages ago, lol.

  • I actually saw him yesterday and he was saying how much he's been enjoying it! Glad that worked out. He was saying what a nice bloke you were as well.
    The Muddy Fox is looking great by the way.

  • Ah that’s great. Really glad to hear he’s happy with it, and that it’s being ridden. Lovely guy, I’m always just paranoid that anything I make or sell is somehow going to spontaneously combust for no apparent reason - if you know what I mean, lol.

  • Pictures of your pals bike please :)

  • The only one I’ve got.

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  • This is also ace, but yours looks better.

  • He's got a few bikes, and they're all lush tbh. He's a bike mechanic tho, so it comes with the territory. He also built my bike for me aside from my own minor alterations, so any credit for my bike actually should go to him, lol.

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Muddy Fox Roadrunner 1989 Dad Bike + rides

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