Muddy Fox Roadrunner 1989 Dad Bike + rides

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  • Muddy fox road runner, powder coated RAL 2002
    Lx hubs on mavic rims
    Velo orange grand cru bars
    Nitto stem
    Xt 739 rear derailleur
    Lx 400 front derailleur
    Deore u brake with brake booster
    Dia compe 980 front brake
    Deore 2 mt60 with strong light rings
    Microshift 8 speed friction shifters.
    105 brake levers
    Rolls saddle
    Random seatpost
    Panaracer comet 26x2.1
    Panaracer gravel king 26x2.1

    Built up by a pal for me (paid him obviously) so I have to go on rides with him. Good deal tbh.

    Only had a short ride so far, but feels absolutely spot on. Will get a kid carrier on the back at some point, but will probably need a beefier back wheel for that.

    20 miles today, followed by a bivi, then 60 more tomorrow. Dead excited.

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  • Very nice. That tiny chainring!

  • Two rings to do it all, lol. Definitely glad for a granny gear with full panniers. 110bcd those cranks so loads of options.
    Slightly wider BB to help the chainline running 2 rings on the triple cranks. Will probably get a bash guard too at some point.

  • This is well nice! Love the lugs on this. Some nice decals would really finish this off.

  • Yeah my pal mentioned getting some decals, deffo looking into it.

  • 20 miles off-road yesterday to a bivi, 66 miles on road today. Handled both incredibly tbh. Looking forward to getting out more. Realised how much I needed a bit of adventure post baby. Hopefully can fit some more of these rides in.

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  • Looks amazing!

    Is that saddle angle OK for you?

  • I’ve always gone for nose a touch upwards. Having not ridden much these last few years, and pretty much exclusively riding Flites when I did, the Rolls has given me an absolute beating tbh. Wonder if the angle was too much.

    Mate is trying to get me to try a brooks, but they seem spenny.
    Are they a worthwhile investment?

  • Beautiful!

    Looks so smooth with the U-brake.

  • Cheers!

    Hobbled together a drybag harness with some webbing and clips on the sewing machine last night. I was on the lookout for a handlebar bag but realised I have no money. Needs refinement but going out for a ride in a bit so will see how it fares.

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  • 26 miles today. Really happy with the bike still. Bag harness needs work.
    Managed somehow to damage a roller on the chain after a small crash.
    Also, my chainstay is battered. This has to be the least durable powder coat I’ve ever seen, lol. Think I’m gonna galv spray it, then wrap in inner tube.

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  • New handlebar bag courtesy of @jontea !
    Heli tape on bars and stem to stop the rivets scratching .

    Thanks again!

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  • Also fitted a new to me b17. First time trying a brooks. Hopefully less damaging than the Rolls I had on first.

    New pannier rack courtesy of my uncle - it’s an ancient but unused one, and was free. Quids in. The original one was just on loan to get an over night ride in.

    Replaced chain with new one after damaging that roller. Will splice in a new link to the old chain and keep as a spare.

    Heli tape added to chainstay, abandoned using Galv spray as it would have taken all day.

    Also added kool stop pads to the rear u brake for some braking gainz.

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  • Next to come will be child seat for the rear, and mudguards.

  • Remembered half way through the day that I’d also wanted to replace the rim tape with wider gorilla tape as the rim sliced one of my inner tubes.

    Then snapped the skewer putting it back on (paranoia about front facing dropouts lead to over egging it while tightening).

    QR on there in the meantime. Anyone got a link for a strong Allen skewer?

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  • Is that a Halo skewer? If so, I've always found em to be made of butter. M part do a safety Allen key skewer, they seemed stronger, but a good old Shimano xt qr skewer will be fine, in fact they're the best.
    Bag looks good, glad you're happy with it.

  • Nah, they're random generic ones not Halo. Amusingly I've just ordered a set of Halo ones on a pal's recommendation, lol. Only £12 for a set anyway. Hopefully they'll be marginally better, and I'll be more careful with them too.

  • Bike looks class dude. Glad to see its getting plenty of use!

  • Commuted into work with a load of tools on the rack yesterday, took it like a champ.
    Getting out with Rich tomorrow. Should try and get out for a ride with the posse soon!

  • Brooks sits very nicely on this!!

    No spare cloth bar tape to use as a chainstay protection?

  • Would look nice but likely just hold moisture and do more damage I reckon. Was gonna just go for an innertube cable tied on before I was advised to use heli tape for the same reasons!

  • I'm liking this as a combination of nice bike and nice camping adventures. 👍

  • Saddle treated with proofide, generic skewers swapped out for Halo ones, and kids seat added. Needed a bit of fettling to get it snug. Off to pick up a helmet for mini nef then we’re going to attempt a ride down the canal as a family.
    Tightened up everything to make sure it’s all happy. Annoyingly there’s already another chip out the chainstay, so will need to add another bit of Heli tape. D’oh!

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  • Picked up a helmet for the weeman, got a bell while I was there, there being Woodrup Cycles in Kirkstall. Such a great shop, it made spending a silly bit of money on a bell seem less unreasonable.

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  • Can't skimp on safety equipment, can you.

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Muddy Fox Roadrunner 1989 Dad Bike + rides

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