FS: Tallbike frameset

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  • SOLD This has been sitting getting rusty in my garage for a while so looking to move it on. It takes 26” wheels, v brake rear, disc front. Has cable routing for full outers. 27.2 post (seattube is a bit snug iirc).

    Includes headset, probably have some beater parts that could go along with it.

    In the spirit of tall bikes saving the world I’d like to set the price at sponsorship of a place at the sspca rescue centre value £50 or up, beyond that I’ll leave it up to you. https://www.scottishspca.org/support/spo­nsor-a-space

    Please note it’s gotten a bit rustier since the built up photos were taken.

    Frame size is like 18” c2c on the seattube and 22” c2c on the top tube.

    It’s not very tall so it can easily be mounted by having one foot on a pedal and pushing off and slinging your leg over.


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  • No shipping, pick up from Newlands or if I can work out if it’ll fit in the car then I could take it to work or deliver within the Glasgow area.

  • PM'd you!


FS: Tallbike frameset

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