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  • Really? They look incredibly expensive for a basic bag with limited functionality.

    Isn't it just a Ortlieb roll top in an F&B colourway.

  • Waxed cotton and no waist strap .
    The search continues now looking at mission stuff if you want to talk expensive. Although that rspha waistcoat tanktop thing is a good idea.
    I didn't see the campag one earlier

  • I've been through a few rucksacks but like this Lowepro one best for everyday;­-bp-250-aw-lp36984-config/

  • The early-mid 90s Karrimor climbing/mountain packs are basically the pinnacle of rucksack design imho.

    I had vented Osprey packs previously(about 12yr ago) but found they did my back in within minutes however much I adjusted them.

    The backs aren’t vented but I’ve never found it to be an issue.
    We’ve got a few from the ‘hot’ series in 30&40l a big fuck off alpiniste, kimm-sac and another 20l that get used for climbing, holiday luggage and day to day use.
    They’ve been dropped in the sea, launched off cliffs, thrown by countless baggage handlers and other abuses and they just keep going as strong as ever.

    The backpacking spec ones tend to have more side pockets etc but yeah.

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  • Anyone use the ortlieb commuter daysack in hiviz yellow .

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  • I'm, unsurprisingly, looking for a backpack. Mainly to put toddler crap in when we're out and about. Everything I have is too big and heavy, ideally I think I want something about 15 litres. Laptop section isn't required (and preferably wouldn't have one) but a few pockets/waterbottle sleeve would be useful.

    Those fjallraven ones seem about right but wondering what else is out there, possibly better value.

  • possibly better value

    Decathlon. I haven't looked, but it's always decathlon.

  • I had a quick look on Decathlon. They all seemed to be incredibly ugly (and mainly too big).


    I don’t have one of these so can’t vouch for them personally, but they get good reviews and support a good cause.

    I think they do one that’s similar to the Fallraven pack, and a roll top that’s tempting me.

  • Look a bit too mumsnet for me.

  • I’m not obsessed, honest :/
    Also got a full set of bike luggage from this era

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  • These two are essentially the same bag from a couple of years apart. The differences between them are cool tho- the hot ice has a rubberised base, adjustable haul loops at the bottom(them along with the main closure straps form a continuous loop so everything adjustable), more daisy chain stitching on back/shoulder straps and the side straps also have the rubber ice axe loop plates. Double drawstring closure inside.

    The hot30 has a double layer of cordura for the base, fixed haul loops, walking pole loops on back instead of daisy chain.
    Single drawstring closure.

    they’re our main climbing bags. Mine on the left, Lizzies on the right.

    The back pad is just a simple rectangular layer of foam but tbh it’s probably the most comfortable bag I’ve ever had. I’m 5’10 and Lizzie is 5’4 but they fit us both really well.

    They pop up all the time for about £20-40 on eBay.

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  • Sorry, forum not letting me upload multiple pics tonight.

    Hot earth40 similar to the hot ice but bigger.

    Alipinist65 is a beast. Floating lid, sits nice and high so doesn’t mess with your harness. Really well shaped back pad and well padded waistband with solid plastic gear loops.

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  • Those fjallraven ones seem about right but wondering what else is out there, possibly better value.

    Got to say that I love my OH's fjallraven as a baby bag.

    Easy to access, laptop slot for bibs, side pocket for water, squish space just the right size for spare clothes, change mat and the nappy bag. They got theirs in the States where it was a bit cheaper, but even so we've got our moneys worth. Started out as a "work laptop bag that didn't look too geeky".

    2nd hand they seem to be ~£30, so maybe do that?

    I really wish more companies made an almost full zip/suitcase style design. It' really is so handy when you often need to access all the contents at one time.

    Edit: from a glance this looks good if you know anyone in the US who's coming to visit.­2a2711ed8032406c0a180512&cjdata=MXxZfDB8­WXww

  • They look good. Remind me of a classic eastpak / jansport.

  • I've got a lot of love for Tom Bihn. Unfortunately now brutally expensive due to the £/$. My smart alec is still in great shape after 7yrs including being lugged and trekked with around Latin America.

  • My favourite rucksack of all time was the Gravis Contra. I walked into a shoe shop not really after anything, saw it on the wall, bought it. Didn't start using it for a while then it became my ideal everyday bag. Just the right pockets and access, good straps good padding. Then someone nicked it (for the things in it). If anyone has one in decent condition to sell, let me know please. Mine was bright blue all over.

  • I squarely blame @edmundro and his posts above for reigniting a minor obsession with old Karrimor backpacks. Always really liked the build quality and the simple designs, the Hots in particular.

    It started with a late-80s 40L Hot Earth in all-black with orange bits which was a fabulous pack. No idea what happened to that one but I have a Bobcat 65 grabbed for cheap in the company sell-off in the early 2000s which is a decent load lugger, if not quite as good. Then there's a really useful purple/green 30L Wild Crag from 1993 which has been my hiking daysack for yonks.

    Rather regret chopping the waist strap off it though so last week I decided to hit eBay for a replacement and lucked onto a 1990 Hot Ice exactly like Ed's partner's. It's got the rubber base and the waist strap with the cool KQR belt buckle... such a great unbreakable design. The KS100t is amazing fabric and almost as good as new but the green sides are lesser stuff and some of the waterproofing is a touch iffy inside... generally use a liner on proper walks anyway, so it's no biggie. Overall quite pleased.

    Wild Crag left, Hot Ice right

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  • I remember a mate of mine had one of those all-black Hot Earths with orange plastic, 14 year old me thought it was the coolest thing ever. I had a Hot Ice which eventually died after about 20 years of daily service. I think I will replace it from ebay

  • I bought the Osprey Talon 33 on the back of that blog write up and have no regrets.
    It worked out wonderfully as a carry on luggage and was perfectly comfortable for a few hikes lasting roughly 5 to 8 hours. I am kind of new to hiking so don't have a lot to compare it too, but I think the low weight (1,1 kg) is it's key selling point. I travelled light so never went above 8kgs for rucksack and contents combined. No idea how it would fare at higher loads or if carrying more unwieldly stuff like poles, ice axes or whatever.

  • Good to hear, I picked 22L version recently off ebay which is equally good

  • I've run commuted, fastpacked & raced with an Omm adventure light 20l for 7+ years but the newer version looks less good and mine is delaminating inside.

    Go outdoors have Montane Trailblazer 18 at £63 but 10% beating price match versus means I just got one for £50. Feels very comfy packed out fairly full on journey home now.

    ^ psa if anyone is in the market for an appx 20l day / commute bag.

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The Backpack Thread

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