7 Year Itch

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  • A distillation of cogitation. A grab for the constellations. When my Mother-in-law was young, she maligned Simon and Garfunkel for their lack of folk credentials. When I was young, I spontaneously vomited 'GOOOOLLLLLDD!' to a Spandau Ballet song that caught me off guard. Tribes. Pete's Surly is ten. Mine is nearly. Amey's bike exists. A fat man dressed like an American tourist but in black wanted to buy some cycling glasses. "Oh yeah, mtb or road?" I used to ask. Not so much now. "G r a v e l . . ." He volunteered. gold. Expectant like a child. gold. "Sorry buddy, go speak to Matt." A man on the Internet wants us all to tell him how to build his forever bike.

    Bikes that have beaten the 7 year itch. Readers. Riders, must be at least 8 years old, your oldest, the choices it made, the choices you made.

    2007? So many iterations. Giant XTC. Hope mono-minis, RS7s, Bulbs, xtr 850, 900?, USE, triple, double 1x9,3x9,2x9, panniers, front rack, bodge, pride and joy, junk, rain, Rebas, wtb, on-one, Brooks, grey, orange, blue, bare, XC fire pro, deore, 29er, 26er, race, ride, stag do, forest, commute, the morning route, Dorset, East Anglia, every day, once a week, once in a blue moon, every day, yesterday.

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  • Nice idea for a thread. The lasting rides. Will have one to post once the frame is back from being welded/fixed.

  • Long term lurker here. This bike is Columbus Max and on it's second colour scheme.

    I built the frame as a road fix in 2000(ish) and it was pretty much my weekend ride for many years. I pretty much built it round a set of 1963 Campag pista hubs (32/40) but it's now got my old track wheels in it.

    After a series of illnesses I've been riding gears as my lungs won't let me go up hills like I used to (which is slowly). I'm hoping to get back out on this as there's no better way of getting fitter than riding a fixed gear in Yorkshire.

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  • Only have two, and both currently frames needing building up.... Soon....

    Gary Fisher Pirana, knocking on for 20 years. First bike I purchased with my own money!

    Made by my own hand brazed 853 steel SS frame about 10 years ago.

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  • That 853 is lovely mate, will look ace once built up 👍

  • Yeh, my surly cross check would fit if I hadn’t sold it, first proper bike I bought and built myself. Then my orange gringo commuter, nursery drop off, bike pack, dad bike, trailer puller etc. finally sold to save space.
    Also does a bike that lives in Spain and only gets ridden once a year count? Emergency purchase after my wife drove my beloved ti Raleigh into the underground car park roof of a 1800s mill and bent it. Aeron (cheap Ridley) frame with now old dura ace and integrated including cables that poke out of the front!

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  • Here’s mine in a few different guises. Took a punt on the frame on Polish eBay sometime in 2013. It just happened to fit like a glove and is by far my most comfortable bike. Probably done about 20k miles on it now. Repainted it black in 2017 and regretted it every day since! I’ll put it back to gold one day.

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  • Here’s my long term bike.
    A Dolan Pre Cursa. I bought it around 2010 when a crashed and bent my Langster. It was the only frameset I could find at the time, at a price I could afford. I swapped all the bits over and updated it as I went along. I stopped playing with it, but still ride it, in 2018. It’s the go to bike if I’m angry and need to vent. 25,000 miles or so on the clock (I must get angry a lot!)
    Dolan PC frame and road fork,
    Mavic wheels,
    Conti 4 seasons,
    Sram cranks,
    SWorks stem and fly bars.

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  • my colossi cheeko / goldsprint ronin. its from the time frame when colossi produced in taiwan and many shops had the frames in their own colorways. bought in a winter sale from the Goldsprint shop xmas 2015 i think. must have ridden about 35000 km on this as a commuter. it's on its 3rd wheelset now and I broke a saddle rail once. still my main commuter bike.

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  • How it started

    How it's going

  • I have my grandads Flying Scot.

    My dad and I pretty much took possession of it when I was about 16 or 17, so 22/23 years ago.

    It had chainstays like teabags so I rebuilt the rear triangle a few years ago.

    Discovered recently that the bb threads are a bit worn out so it might get some more surgery at some point, not sure if I can replace the shell without trashing the seat and down tubes though so…

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  • My old Charge Filter - seen much action through many winters of commuting, after the original components eventually disintegrated it came back as a singlespeed, then in it's current 1x10 townie guise - still ride it most days, love it



  • Nice! I had that exact Piranha frame, bought it new in 2005 when it was already pretty much a Trek... Unfortunately the seattube cracked just above the toptube, i got a warranty replacement and exactly the same happened... its worth investing in a strong seatpost that doesn't bent much

  • Then:


    I think only frame, saddle and derailleurs have survived this long

  • seattube cracked just above the toptube

    Good to know. I'll keep an eye on it then I get round to putting it back together.

  • What rack is this? Is it for a carradice bag?

  • Looks like it’s the bagman with additional support struts, I’ve got it too, like it and works well at stopping top most stress on saddle rails

  • I've had this IRO frame from new, bought it from them in their sale 12 years ago, its had several incarnations and is currently hanging in the shed awaiting its next form - probably some kind of fixed audax thing.

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  • also - searching through 12 years of google photos is a great way to procrastinate.

  • Two bikes that have stayed with me. Genesis CdF from 2014 (?), and Trek 3700 from 2006/7 that first got me into “proper” cycling. No photos from 2007 but was still mostly stock bar crankset and pedals in first photo!

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  • C4r1s is right, it's a carradice bagman with support struts. I really like it, use it happily across day rides, commuting and touring

  • And my daily driver, Charge Duster. Had a few changes from SS mtb shredder, to gravel tourer to heavy shopping getter.

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  • Started as a fixie skidder in 2013, then became a gravel bike and now is my daily runaround. Reach getting shorter on every iteration.

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  • Good thread idea and lovely bikes and stories so far. Think I‘ve only had it for 6 years but my Bottecchia has gone through some stages already. From flat-bar commuter

    to (ridiculously) overpacked touring bike

    to its current state as a neo retro rando

  • Looks so good in touring mode.

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7 Year Itch

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