OT: Volvo V70 T6

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  • Checking if anyone would be interested in this. We buy any car offered me £2000 and that's how much I want for it.

    Volvo V70 T6 4wd 2007. ~150000KM

    I've had it for about 6 monts and used it to go on hikes with mates and occasional trip to Swinley. Has an LPG conversion and is ULEZ compliant. Had full service done not long ago.

    Based in Tooting.

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  • Mega :-)

  • If I had the funds I would definitely be interested. Just had to scrap my Corolla so this is right in my ballpark, GLWS.

  • That’s stunning.

    I’d love to have a Volvo estate.

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  • This would make a great stealth camper
    Look at all that space with the seats flat!

  • Yes seriously tempted. How big is that boot ?

  • I'm 6'3" and fit in it. My 29er fits without front wheel. Full dimensions here: https://www.ridc.org.uk/features-reviews­/out-and-about/choosing-car/car/volvo-v7­0-20d-5dr-estate

  • Rad

  • Highly recommended as a bike carrying car - have a near identical (but slower) 2.5T and it's been the most useful car I've owned. Roof clearance just a little low for easily fitting in bikes vertically - even without wheels it's a bit tight, but the amount of space for stuff is amazing and it's cost very little in maintenance (though quite a lot in fuel).

    Very reasonable price.

  • XL Bike in XL Boot.

    Good wagons these, especially when they're AWD and a lovely 3litre T6.


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  • Gah!!, couldn't be further from me and yet perfect :(

  • I second this. I run a bike workshop and have got a V70 T5 and it’s perfect for it. Loads of room and plenty powerful. At one point I’ve had 6 bikes in mine.

    I would imagine this one being an LPG conversion it will be better on fuel. Maybe even a lower tax band too.

  • Potential dips on this- need to check post weekend the situation with work car etc.
    What sort of long range MPG do you get?

  • What sort of long range MPG do you get?

    It does about 200 miles on the LPG tank which is about 30 liters. I don't really know how much it burns on long range. It managed a round trip to Dover with some still left in the tank.

  • Hi Pit, might have to give this one a miss but thanks!

  • Oh interesting.
    About to grow family, but this might be a tad too much

    Let me show it to partner and I'll get back to you.

  • Interested.
    Looks like a great car. Sfs.

  • Which LPG system does it have on it?

  • Just looked up the price of LPG, that's some cheap motoring!

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OT: Volvo V70 T6

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