Sheppzcaster - lfgss guitar build collab

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  • I quite like the finish you've got on that plate - are you tempted to do the bridge, neck plate, pickup cover etc as well?

  • I think you probably could but having sanded it off previously, I know how thin it is and easy to break through to the brass. I also didn't do it for very long as the first time I pulled it out it was acceptable.

    I quite like it too, I'm not going to do the bridge as it's already chrome plated and I wouldn't want to take it off. The rest of the hardware will be nickel and I think (judging by some of the stuff on my guitars) will age to this in a couple of years.

    I've since got a quote from a local plater which claims that it'd cost £25 (although it's a bit ambiguous on their minimum charge, so I'm going to follow up). I'll probably do another one and send that on to @Sheppz at some point in the future.

    It's something I'm going to try to perfect as I've always wanted to do some smart metalwork inside the control cavities, kind of like this Tau, or as a control cavity cover.

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  • Neck carving day! The heel’s not done yet, and it needs a lot of filing and sanding generally, but it’s got a nice round profile and feels good in the hand already.

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  • Every update in this thread makes me want to go to my workshop and make stuff!

  • thanks to a week in bed with raging sinusitis - thoughts turn to a graphic for the headstock. Granted this is unnecessary and somewhat wanky (pretentious) but nevertheless. Starting points being my initials(ojs) or the combo of me and my wife’s names ok/okay. Still unsure but scribbles show process and thoughts welcome.

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  • I’ve not checked in on this thread for a while. Progress has been incredible. This guitar is going to be 🔥🔥🔥.

    Would you use the universal symbol for OK 👌🏻

  • Okay Electric sounds like a mid naughts indie band.. In a good way

  • Apparently banned

    FFS I loved that symbol. How do I go about reclaiming it?

    Fwiw just "OK" is too short imo. If you make it big enough it will be too tall and chubby.

  • Radiohead tribute act?

  • Okay reminds me of Kay, which probably isn't the association you'd want (basic beginner guitars of questionable quality).

    • a lot of my musical heroes be playing them tho..... esp. cheryl and taytay ;-)
      This isn't really about starting a brand - just nice to put something on the headstock.

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  • my actual mid naughts indie band had a way worse name that that. My turn of the century indie band (ie sixth form ) had a name that would not be okay in 2023 😬

  • Noted. Will review in due course.

  • Not Okay Electric is also a decent band name though :D

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Sheppzcaster - lfgss guitar build collab

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