ask no questions and hear no lies (Macbook Pro)

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  • Due to a very sudden change of employer, I have to sell this lovely Macbook Pro 13" mid 2012 as quickly as possible.
    It comes with one caveat though, it has a dual Russian/English keyboard. I'm not at liberty to explain why. Don't ask.

    It's in very good condition since it was only ever used in an airtight security controlled room. Although there is one wee tiny dent on the front. The screen is absolutely spotless with no scratches at all.
    The battery is in perfect condition with only 361 full charge cycles. For comparison, the Macbook air that I'm currently typing on has had 1899(lol) full charge cycles.

    The ram has been maxed out to 16gb and it has a 500gb ssd in there. If you're handy, you could remove the super drive and install a second hard drive.

    It't currently running Catalina 10.15.7 but I'll format it and update to whatever the latest OS is.


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  • Is collection in a park, where you'll be sat on a bench in a fedora and long coat, and require a pass phrase?

  • Is that you, Red Fox?!

    Collection also available every third Sunday at 2 Bolshaya Lubyanka Street. Wear a purple hat.

  • That's a good price, does it still have the tracker installed.........

  • That unexpected knock on the front door a few minutes after the buyer connects to Wi-Fi for the first time…

  • does it still have the tracker installed

    Не говори этим свиньям об этом!

  • “Small dent in the case” (bullet proof vest took most of the bullet impact)

  • NOC list included?

  • Ha! Nice try. Obvs I keep the real one on MiniDisc and there’s no fucking way you’ll find it in this pile.

  • Shown in use here...

  • The real beauty is that there isn’t a single working minidisc drive left on the planet.
    No one can read it, not even me.
    Totally secure.

  • This thread will self destruct in 10 seconds (sold pending payment)

  • Current buyer might have a problem with paypal, I'm about to waterboard them and see if it helps.

    As such, this is still technically available.

    Tread carefully folks

  • (, now where's my minidisk player...)

  • Borrow mine?

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  • But I have so many questions. (and would also like a mac with a firewire port)

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ask no questions and hear no lies (Macbook Pro)

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