• Ok so some very sudden and unfortunate life changes means this has to go or is going into deep dark storage for a long time.
    Frames can be posted; bikes collected but they're silly cheap
    Pickup in Poole or Binfield.
    Many thanks.

    Omnium Sling track frame
    Double butted 7005 alloy tubing
    All proper nice aero with rear wheel recess in ST
    ST 52ctc, 56ctt
    TT 56ctc
    Columbus Tusk carbon fork
    FSA HS
    In fantastic condition with only a few minor chips
    No cracks, bends, dents etc

    Principia 700
    Basically the fillet welded, classic quill stem version of the RSL. Extremely light and beautifully oversized.
    TT ctc 54.5
    ST ctc 53 (ctt 58)
    Dark metallic red
    1 inch threaded; threaded alloy forks
    No cracks, straight. All threads grand
    Lots of chips and scratches. A good few superficial dents to the TT from locking up and storage. All aesthetic, none deep. Completely straight.

    Rare and vintage Panasonic DX-2000 road bike.
    Shimano 300EX groupset.
    Araya rims
    Seat tube 58.5cm centre to centre
    Top tube 57cm centre to centre
    Could do with a tidy up as seen in pictures. Saddle has holes but kept it on it as it's original with Panasonic stamped on it.
    I was planning to completely strip and rebuild the bike but never got round to it. Shifts and works as it should. No dents, cracks, bends etc.

    Complete white Cinelli Bootleg Mystic Rats fixe track singlespeed bike
    Top tube 54.5 cm centre to centre (sloping so approx 55.5cm virtual)
    Seat tube 52cm centre to centre, 56cm centre to top
    Rear wheel flip flop so can be run fixed or single speed.
    Takes front and rear brakes.
    In fantastic, not far off new condition considering the year. Couple of very minor paint chips as would be expected but otherwise no dents, cracks etc. Frame and fork aren't far off new..
    New grips on the Cinelli bars (installed after pics were taken); Cinelli stem; Columbus headset.
    Everything smooth, true and tight.
    Seat is a spare I had as I’ve taken my own one off; works as it should.

    Complete Kona Hahanna Race Lite.
    Proper steel forks, not some old skool suspension junk.

    Ellis Briggs Favori San Remo road bike frame and forks
    Matching numbers on both
    One inch threaded forks/steerer
    Seat tube ctc 58cm
    Top tube ctc 58cm
    Head tube 15cm
    Beautifully stamped/engraved Gipiemme front and rear dropouts
    Pretty sure the whole frame is chromed underneath the vibrant, almost chromovelato ruby red paint
    Mudguard mounts on both frame and fork
    All threads spot on
    Straight, no dents, no cracks, no damage
    The only thing at fault is there is a decent amount of paint loss but the chrome is coming through underneath. No rust. I was going to sympathetically restore the paint or possibly have it lacquered over to seal it but I'll now leave that to the new owner.

    FSA Carbon Pro cranks and ISIS BB
    Great condition; no cracks chips etc; no loose bits; runperfect
    BB is dry but no play, good for trying out etc
    Chainring and axle bolts included

    Camouflage green Kona Cinder Cone frame
    7005 aluminium
    DT bottle bolt required drilling but hole is unscathed so easily replaced with a Rivnut or similar.
    Usual scuffs and scrapes associated with its age
    No cracks, dents, etc. All threads and tapers spot on.

    Schwinn Madison f&f
    Pretty much 55cm ctc square
    1 1/8" steerer
    Their own butted cromo steel tubing; nicely oversized but still light
    Horizontal dropouts; standard track spacing
    Takes front and rear brakes; muddies; two bottle cages
    The paint is very thick and has lots of chips and some scratches to it. Not quite rat but slowly getting there.
    There's a possible 0.5mm deep dent on the ST towards the bottom but can't make my mind up if it's actually dented or just the paint. Either way it doesn't affect function.
    Straight and true. No cracks etc.

    Pinnacle single speed/fixed gear bike for sale
    7005 custom-shped alloy tubing
    SIze Small
    Top tube centre to centre (sloping) 51cm
    Seat tube centre to centre 45cm
    Seat tube centre to top 50cm

    Built from some very decent parts:
    Tektro R358 brake calipers
    Cane Creek brake levers
    FSA cranks
    Shimano single speed cog
    NVO Components height adjustable stem system; super easy to use only requiring loosening of one screw. Can be completely removed and replaced with a standard 1 1/8" stem.
    Quando sealed bearing wheels; smooth and straight; tonnes of brake rim left
    Selle San Marco saddle (few minor scuffs and rips but lots of life left)
    Brand new and unused headset and bottom bracket.
    Usual few chips and scratches. Areas have been Helitape protected. No cracks, dents, corrosion etc.
    Runs extremely well as would be expected. Excellent bike for all year round use with the option of putting on mudguards and a rear rack.

    Roberts road F&F; sprayed Sigma colours
    ST 61ctc 62.5ctt
    Classic metallic dark blue ROberts colour with Sigma decals
    Fully panto'd Roberts
    1" threaded steerer/HS; Shimano Deore LX HS included
    Very light tubing so most likely Columbus with high end Reynolds as was his trademark

  • Ok, here we go. Lots more coming and can now post as needed. T

  • v. interested in the Kona, can you give me a few more details and maybe a pic or two when you get a minute, cheers.

  • Kona Hahanna Race Lite.
    Also very interested pending pics

  • Evening folks. Will post pics tomo once back.
    Pinnacle SS added.

  • Interested in the Kona Hanna pending pics

  • Interested in Pinnacle

  • Pinnacle.

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  • Kona CinderCone. Forgot to mention the hanger is missing but easy enough to replace.

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  • Kona Hahanna

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    • 87043E95-45F8-4A7A-8D11-51EC5B8FF212.jpeg
  • Roberts Sigma added

  • Hmm, still no v1 Gangsta, I can wait ;-)

  • I'm out on the Hahanna, wrong colour... thanks, GLWS

  • I'm out on the Pinnacle,

  • I’ll be interested in the Hahanna frame set if you’re willing to split?

  • Hey thanks for the offer but apologies as don’t have time to split etc. Could figure out a cost for posting whole thing if you’d like. Cheers and hope you’re well. T

  • Are there any pics of the Cinelli?

  • Bump

  • Cinelli

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  • Any pics of omnium frame?

  • Pics and price drops

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  • Hi. Would you be ok to send the schwinn to france. Thanks

  • That Hahanna has enormous dadbike potential!


  • Hey, thanks for the PM. Got some local interest in it but if it doesn't go I can have a look into postage for you.
    @fabfurrymarmots thanks it does indeed plus it's a grand deal at this price, F&F go for more on ebay! T

  • It looks quite big too, which isn't that common.

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The frame and bike sale and any other bits that may find their way here... Panasonic, Cinelli, Omnium Kona Gazelle

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