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  • I n the process of building a new machine and was probably going to split this but would like to see if there is any interest in it as a whole before.
Found it on the street a few years ago, but pretty sure its a dear susan (­). It had never been built up and defo has some ‘unique’ features. Example being you cant fit a double chainring on the front and could probably only squeeze a few more teeth on the current ring.

    TT actual 560
    TT effective(ish) 575

    Ultegra crank.
    Sram red short cage derailleur.
    Mavic wheelset.
    Deba bars 420mm.
    Hope headset (lower cup only).

    All in all its pretty ratty but its a solid frame and ride quite nicely.
    Would only be keen on a pick up (E9) if anyone is interested. £350?

    Saddle, bottle cage and pedals not included.

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  • Interesting looking bike. What's your height? I got a feeling like most bikes here it's too big. And what's the tyre clearance?

  • Im 6ft and its a pretty good fit. I generally prefer a shorter reach so it would be good for someone 5’10’+ I recon.
    it has 30c currently and is maxed on the rear.

  • £350 for a ratty bike you *found on the street?". Interesting.

  • Only the frame was found in the street but yeah that is fair. Would be open to offers.

  • If it was found in the street perhaps someone is missing it? Would be noble to track down the owner

  • It was from a bike shop shutting down on Lambs Conduit Street a few years ago. They left a bunch of stuff outside and I picked it up on me way to work.

  • Literally a great find. Sorry I didn't mean to assume it just seemed like it was someones custom frame

  • Get in touch with Jordan, see if he might know more about its history.
    He’s still about.

  • Not sure I understand completely, are you selling it with the fork and the complete groupset, except for saddle, bottle cage and pedals? Anyway, I'm interested, I'm PM-ing you :)

  • Do you have his details? His instagram seems pretty dead.

  • Complete bike without the saddle, pedals and bottle cage.

  • Also interested if others above/Jordan etc aren't.

  • I’ll ask him if I can pass on details.

  • Coolio, many thanks.

  • It's all yours :) Tyre clearance was a bit too small for me!

  • Wow, yeah, it was built for me by dear Susan, he double charged me for the paint job, refused to pay back, made too many mistakes, refused to make integrated bike rack. Cost me £762, and he said he will charge me only for the tubes. He refused to finish it and fix it, so I gave the frame back to him and told him to refund me, but he left London, quite few people told me that he is burning bridges in London and don't trust him.

  • Ah, I feel slightly better about thinking dear Susan bikes are a bit naff

  • Also interested

  • Ah man. He sounds like a prick. Do you want to frame back? Its all yours (for free obvs) if it would make that situation less sour.

  • the funny thing is, that's the best customer experience from dear susan I've ever heard of

  • Do you want to frame back? Its all yours (for free obvs) if it would make that situation less sour.

    Have some fuckin rep

  • Well, that's sad to hear, I loved his bikes. Never meet your heroes or something.

  • I just saw the mullet bike was by him in the commuter thread this morning (29er front and BMX rear?) and thought it was the worst bike I've ever seen when I saw it myself on the road.­

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Dear Susan Columbus

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