• So I never thought the day would come, but alas, sadly I have to let go of this beaut. It's a custom frame made by Edward Hagen, and one of only two unique track frames of his that are in circulation (that I know of). Built in the mid 90s, it's pretty ahead of its time and certainly the most unique and stand alone bike I've ever owned or seen. Original paint job, pretty good considering its age, but of course there are scratches in places.

    Bought two years ago here, with big plans and dreams... some better photos of how the colour looks in person and the thread I bought it from here https://www.lfgss.com/conversations/3515­23/
    (Hate to admit it but a few more scratches added to the frame since those photos were taken)

    The full bike & bits are:

    • 59.5cm CTT frame made from Oria 7020 tubing + Fork (has a super tight clearance, fits some 23c tyres on some rims)
    • Sugino 75 NJS 170mm cranks (not ridden since installing them)
    • 47T Badgerdyne chainring (not been ridden since it was installed)
    • FAKE Chinese ENVE 88mm carbon rear wheel 17T (clincher) 25c Conti tyres
    • FAKE Chinese HED 70mm carbon front Trispoke (clincher) 20c Schwalb tyres
      (Both wheels were bought from "reputable" stores with hundreds and hundreds of purchases and reviews. Both are in great condition and haven't had much use, probably under 100 miles.
    • BLB seatpost
    • BLB stem
    • A Cinelli Drillium stem that I bought to match the chainring and make this as unique and striking as possible
    • Cosine seat, although may swap this out
      No pedals/straps included

    The pictures are absolutely awful and don't do the bike any justice, but show you the scratches and unwashed condition of the frame. There are no dents or more than surface paint scratches. The colour and two tone nature of the paint job isnt too visible sadly, but it pops more in person. Pictures of how it was built up at different times also.

    Will upload some better quality photos when I find the time. Feel free to ask me any questions

    Looking for £1050 for it all, as it's cost me a fair bit more. Collection only, from Rugby or the Rugby, Coventry area.

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  • Here are a few more photos of different ways it was built up, as well as the Drillium stem that I thought could look great

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  • Dibs on frame & fork if you decide to split

  • Interested in wheels if split

  • Interested in stem If split

  • Replied to all PMs
    Still looking to sell fully built.
    Price drop to £995

  • I have only had interest in frame, other PM's about other components have fallen through, and still wanting to get rid of all the bits together (unless there was interest for all components separately). So as much as I don't want to, I'll be putting it on eBay in the next few days

  • Ok, last price drop on here to £950, as I'd like it to stay in the lfgss community
    Then I'll put it on eBay after

  • Frameset and most of the bits now sold

    Looking to sell the wheelset still (pictures to come) for £250
    And the Drillium stem + chainring together for £110

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  • Do the decals look like they will peel off on the wheels and how are the hubs? Dibs if the decals will come off

  • They don't "look" like they will peal off, but you could peel them off, I haven't had any of mine peel at all on this wheelset and another wheelset I own, but yes they are vinyl stickers I believe.

    The hubs are both buttery smooth, no play at all, and I'm pretty sure both wheels are completely true
    They haven't had much mileage in them

  • Cool, it would be intentional peeling. I just realised you aren't london based. Is it still collection only?

  • I'll pm you

  • Are the sugino's still availabe?

  • Sorry for late reply
    Everything has sold now

    Thanks for your interest

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For Sale: Hagen Specialicimo Track(sold), ENVE, HED, Sugino 75 + Drillium

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