Mike Burrows’ final lap.

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  • It’s brilliant. It shows Mike in all his glory, and failings too.

  • Oh :( like many others I was always fond of the couple of words shared when I'd bump into him around Norwich, a strange mix of being star-struck and proud of a local person. I always hoped he didn't mind random cyclists greeting him when he was out and about, think I most recently saw him birdwatching at Whitlingham, very sad to know that was the last time.

  • A photo I took at the Olympic museum in Lausanne in 2016. It is displayed alongside some of the most iconic pieces of memorabilia from across sporting history and always had a crowd round it.

    What an impact on the sport!

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  • "Oh yes, I invented in-line adjusters" amazing stuff.

  • if i can't make the fastest bike in the world, perhaps i can have another go at making the slowest bike in the world

    what a genius, i fancy one of those easy B town recumbents or a perhaps a rat catcher..

    Mike, thank you for your vision, talent and wizardry to bring us such a wonderful collection of cycling machines..

  • Sad to hear! Remembering collecting my speedy nr 12 in 1983 . A few races in the eighties and nineties where always very adventurous. Loved the meetings at the races with Mike then. The amazing windcheetah changed my life. Still got a life changing speedy from 1983. Thanks Mike for Your skills, racing thrills, more than excellent bike design and interessting talks.
    wim van den assum

  • Very sad to head the news about Mike. I absolutely love this video too, what a great guy.

  • Well, bear in mind this was just a random shooting the breeze type conversation between strangers and was more than 20 years ago … however, as I recall he argued that the use of grease in bearings relied on the bearing turning fast enough to generate enough heat to melt the grease and only then would the resultant fluid actually lubricate the bearings. Therefore he thought that on a bike, where the bearings did not turn fast enough to generate the requisite heat it was more logical to use oil and not grease.

    The fork question turned on whether the curve of the fork actually provided any material suspension effect, he (and I) thought that it did not and that the tyre provided sufficient suspension (for a road bike).

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Mike Burrows’ final lap.

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