Best roads for 20 minute test in/close to London

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  • Just wondering whether anyone has any favourite sections of road that are well suited to a 20 minute test? Ie no junctions, little traffic, flat to constant incline? Thanks in advance.

  • Cudham

  • Canonbie Road, SE23 - no junctions, little traffic, constant incline

  • Canonbie Road

    I am VERY slow but even I dont take 20 mins up Canonbie

  • Inner circle in Regents Park

  • you have either (i) regents park at 6am or (ii) richmond park when its quiet or (iii) Walthamstowish to Epping road

    any other choices (such as the embankment, or east london airport roads, or the crazy run from stratford all the way to Epping) are too dangerous for a true effort

    good luck and stay safe, you'll need it

  • There are none. London's Famous London is shit.

    Turbo trainer if it's just a power test. Get a train out if you're doing aero testing. Actually you could get a train out to do a power test too but ain't nobody got time for that. Richmond at sunrise would be passable. I've ridden Hillingdon at 5am and there's still 20 cunts walking and riding every which way on it. Can't escape cretins in London.

  • I agree entirely

    I guess the question is now, could you instead construct a modest say 80m elevation hill like a kerin hill x indoor car park that you build within z1-6 London for safe and fun cycling?

  • Heathrow has a perimeter road that is very wide, flat and quiet

  • Hills are usually better for doing FTP tests outdoors. Would recommend Toys/Brastead Chart. Depending on your pace this can be close to the 8-minute test standard

  • Velopark and isn't HH open to road bikes one evening? Probs will be cheaper than a pint.

  • Velopark is shut until after the commonwealth games. There is Hog hill in Hainault and cyclopark nr ebbsfleet international station if you fancied making a little day trip

  • isn't HH open to road bikes one evening?

    This is probably best option. Thursdays at 12:30pm isn't a great time if you work conventional hours though, but if you're not a million miles away maybe sneaky long lunch break?

  • Echoing what's been said here, Cudham and Brasted Chart are ok. But also fuck doing a FTP test with any possibility of cars ruining it, just do it on a turbo and be done with it

  • Regents inner circle is the best suggestion here. A 1km ring that is 50% flat with a slight dip and rise the other half. No traffic lights, no cars, only 2 junctions and you have priority at both.
    You can go round and round for hours at a constant effort without slowing or stopping once.

  • You can go round and round for hours at a constant effort without slowing or stopping once

    Boast post

  • If you are @BareNecessities age, it's worth bearing in mind there are no toilet facilities so hours may be pushing it

  • My legs and willpower would give up long before my bladder

  • Theres two toilets!

  • :) One inside the rose garden, one down chester road. Both with a gate youre meant to pay 40p i think, but you can wave something (glove/pump) infront of the sensor below the door and they open.

  • Please continue your scientific tests on which wobbly things will open the door and report back.

  • I will use this information when I go for my KOM attempt on the 100km of inner circle segment

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Best roads for 20 minute test in/close to London

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