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  • I know this already exists on Reddit but there's some weird and wonderful thoughts and ideas coursing through our minds that make our lives better.
    This is my tip. If you can, when you park your car turn the steering wheel so that the top is at the bottom. That way if the sun is blazing hot when you come to drive that part of the wheel will be cooler.

  • Car-related life tip: if you’re stopped and waiting to turn across a lane of traffic, keep your wheels pointing forwards until you actually turn. That way of someone shunts you from behind you won’t go flying across a lane of traffic and get t-boned.

  • Pro tip no3:

    Don't get a car, and avoid problems no 1 & 2

  • Leave your left indicator on to remind everyone which side of the road to drive on.

  • Pro tip no 4:

    Hippy BareNecessities is always right.

  • Cleaning cobwebs - if I just do it with ambient light I seem to miss loads of them. Instead at nighttime put a head torch on and they cast obvious shadows making it easier to find and brush them away.

  • Pencil erasers are good at cleaning dirty marks from shoes and trainers.

  • We use windscreen shades and/or steering wheel covers for this kind of thing. I guess they're less common here but most people have some towel or something in their car (or at least bike types do) that can be stuck on the windscreen (jam in doors to hold up) or over the wheel.

  • Don't get a car, and avoid problems no 1 & 2

    But where would I store my bike box?

  • On the back of your golf cart, obviously

  • I've really been struggling to find drivers for that. Bloody Brexit.

  • This thread is going to be fucking hilarious

  • If in doubt, wait a little bit longer


  • Never whistle while eating custard.

  • Putting small coloured beads in your children's food will allow you to identify their stools at a later date, should the need arise.


  • Always press the button when walking past a pelican crossing, to make sure they're working for other vulnerable pedestrians.

  • Lids should be left clearly open or properly closed, especially on food containers or things that stain/cause injury.

    Emotions are like personal weather, and they’ll pass.

    If you’re concerned about your breath and can’t brush your teeth, try gently scraping your tongue and rinse out your mouth.

    Use up your holiday and TOIL days, and take advantage of any medical or other benefits, before telling your job that you quit. If they fire you and give you a lump compensation, you’ll be missing out on pension contributions etc.

  • Lighter fluid will remove just about any adhesive stickiness left behind on surfaces. Bonus points for lighting the surface afterwards

  • Twirl the nubbin thing underneath the lights, this changes the sequence and makes it red quicker

  • Not these days! Been there, never again

  • If you are leaving your car with a workshop or bodyshop or they are collecting it from you, record a video around the car and pay particular attention to your wheels. Also leave the locking wheelnut on the driver's seat or centre console.

  • Don't criticise the meal or the service until you are about to pay and leave or go to bed alone (again).

  • Twirl the nubbin thing underneath the lights, this changes the sequence and makes it red quicker

    No, it can break it which stops blind people from being able to use it as a way of knowing the lights have changed (not all crossings beep).


  • Yes having remembered the articles about pingers actually being measureably stronger (4-5times) then I have realised this is lethal advice.

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Just the tip. Life Pro Tips

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