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  • Ciao tutti,

    Can't see any other threads on this so wondering if anyone has any cycling based experience of doing a South to North trip of Sardinia and Corsica? Or indeed any knowledge of cycling these islands and/or ferries involved etc.

    Currently in Albania and while I have heavily enjoyed the Balkans the past month or so I fancy a bit of a change and this is the idea that makes me buzz the most.

  • I did a cycle tour around southern half of Sardinia around March time in 2009. Had a good time with some honest climbing, coast road was not flat and going over to the other side of the island involved some hills. That being said, there was the lovely sound of sheep bells ringing from the flocks around and even picked myself up one from the local agricultural store. Got the impression that it could get v windy up on the tops going on the trees if you were up there at the wrong time (I was pretty lucky with the weather)

    Tourism sector was practically deserted at that time of the year - I can remember rocking up to one tourist town hoping to find a campsite and restaurant open bit everything was shut prompting an expected ride onto the next town after an already long day in the saddle (can imagine it's a very different place in high summer)

    I wild camped most of the time which l had no problems with but probably helped it was in the off season.

    Flew in and out of Cagliari picking up a bike box from a cycle store on the way out (I'd emailed them before leaving London but don't think that made a whole lot of difference)

    Happy to answer any questions you have but it was over a decade ago now so memories are far from clear and situations may have changed

    Photos here:­XS8

  • I just know about Corsica.
    The main roads are scary, even in winter.
    I'm part Corsican, it's painful to admit.
    The main roads are clogged in summer by people driving to catch a ferry every saturday,
    an scarier than winter during the rest of the week.

    Get into the mountains and even in summer you'll find peace and non stop marvels.
    The only train on the island bans bicycles.
    The main road south from Bastia is banned for cyclists.

  • Thanks for the replies. Everything I am hearing is that it will be mobbed with tourists and motors. I think it is maybe best for a winter get away. I always have a better time away from the general public.

    I am almost certainly going to get over to Italy and perhaps work my way North on the smaller central roads. Some Greek exploration first.

  • Only been driving in northern Sardinia but to me traffic seemed to be cyclist friendly. Can also recommend La Madalena, the island to the north east of Sardinia. Amazing place. Hilly though, bring an extra pair of legs.

  • The high season is very short in Corsica, the first week of July end the last one in August are very quiet.
    The sea is still warm in October, and already warm in May. Ideal times.
    I worked 70km south from Bastia,
    in high season people would leave at 4am to catch an 8am ferry,
    it' s the only straight road on the island,
    traffic was solid from 8 am onwards.
    I could cycle for days peacefully inland at the same time.

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