Recommend me a safety camera for my commute

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  • Hi. After a fun commute in which I got passenger doored, a pedestrian eased her way through buses to step out in right in front of me and a car turning left clobbered me, I’ve decided I need a camera to record the fun and ward-off lawyers and lynchmobs.

    I already run lights in top of my helmet so I was thinking handlebar mounted but wonder if footage might be a bit shakey. 

    Can anybody recommend a camera, answer my handlebar concern and/or tell me if I need a rear camera too. I’m not putting anything on you tube or vlogging so  cheap rather than quality is the order of the day.


  • I'm contemplating these after a duo of white Audi drivers this morning­et-action-camera/

  • Apeman. It’s sufficient to catch all the wankers in everything except the lowest light / shittiest weather. Used to run one attached to a front rack and stability wasn’t an issue. Crucially it’s cheap as.

  • I have one of these.

    The battery life is good and the video quality is acceptable. It's not a GoPro, but for commute use it works fine.

    There are some frustrations:

    • time/date gets forgotten when the battery dies. This makes the cheap spare battery they sell less attractive, as the date/time will be reset if you switch.
    • the process for setting the date/time appears simple but is rather baroque.
    • the GoPro mount (for attaching camera to existing GoPro mountings) is alloy and slightly thinner than it needs to be, so hard to get tight on some mounts.
    • the LED is impossible to see in sunlight. Luckily it vibrates for on and off.
    • mine had an annoying rattle, which I traced to the glass lens on the front. I fixed it by (counterintuitively) loosening the end cap and taping it sealed with some insulating tape.

    After all this, it's defintely worth the money. Find a mate and buy 2 for the extra discount, or just run them both yourself.

  • I have a couple of those (on different bikes!) They are reasonable quality (good enough to grab number plate and the incident). I also use the Aldi rear fly rip-off which is decent and has resulted in two prosecutions.

  • People with chilli tech experience, can you mount it on the bike or is it helmet only? Was thinking could get one facing forward and another facing back

  • Mine came with a bar mount that you could possibly use for a rear mount. I am away from home at the moment but could send some pics when I get back .

  • It comes with a bar mount AND a velcro helmet mount. I purchased an options GoPro compatible mount because my Garmin mount has a GoPro fixing on the bottom. So, mine sits unobtrusively below the Garmin on the front.

    The bar mount would work for rear facing if you mounted on the seatpost I guess, but it might stick out too far and hit your legs, depending on how much post and clearance you have.

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Recommend me a safety camera for my commute

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