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  • This started four days ago. Only 26 on the start list, I guess because it's so long and hard for people to get the time. I'd love to do it but it would be 4 weeks or so.

    After a few DNSs, and the favourite, Bernd Paul, being DSQ (I don't know why) early on, the field is under 20.

    I only know Jasmijn Muller of the remaining riders. She is in fourth, having started quick but been overtaken by a couple. She's a strong rider but I'm not sure she's quite got the mindset for this sort of thing, but very happy to be proved wrong.

    The leaders have already done their ferry from Finland to the Baltics, the main pack will do that in the next day or so.

    Tracking here­acking/

  • Really interesting route! Also crazy distance tho haha

  • I did this race in 2018, the first edition. Took me 23 days and something, which was interesting, to live in race mode for so long. The route felt more like a touring route than a fast way to cross the continent, took in some nice old towns with cobble stone streets, often stayed on backroads, bike path on an old rail road or something which meant there's surprisingly little services along big parts of the route, you'll have to carry more or go off the route from time to time.
    Baltics had more gravel than I'd realised, especially Lithuania, and it wasn't smooth or hardpacked. I just rode some similar and some of the same roads in the area on 50 mm tyres and loved it but in the race on 28 mm it was tough. As were many paved roads in Poland, as they are so bumpy, full of patches and seemed like there's often an ancient cobbled road under there with just a layer of asphalt on top of it and they are not that solid. Very nice for touring with wide tyres, a lot of work to race on with narrower tyres.

    There's basically the distance of one TCR that's very flat but has other challenges like cold weather, rain, wind and rough roads during which you can already get yourself into a huge hole, and then you get to the Alps. The second half of the route is kind of similar to a TCR as a challenge. Though as an experience it didn't feel as much like a race, didn't see others for a long time and there's not much of an organisation behind it, just Andy.

    I've met Matti a few times and talked to him before the race. He's in the second place now. I don't think he has crazy watts to through around but he is actually experienced enough that there shouln't be any big surprises, he'll just keep on going.

  • I enjoyed reading your accounts of it back then.

    Saw on Facebook that Matti has broken his front mech. He's going to mull it over for a week or so until he needs it when he hits the Alps.
    Bound to pass a bike shop by then!

  • Yep, though the route mostly avoids cities. There's Poznan in Poland and a few hour detour would get him to Prague or Munich. I wonder how easy it is to find spare di2 mechs these days.

    Here's something I wrote after the race for those interested,­9/02/03/north-cape-tarifa/

  • Daniel Polman has finished first with a time of 24 days 22 hours and 6 minutes, according to the tracker. Congrats to him, that's a consistent ride on such a long route.

    Matti is second, just about to begin the huge climb to Veleta. Irena is third, close enough to pass Matti if he'd have problems or overslept.

  • Looks like he had a good ride. As you are too modest to point it out, I'll add he was over a day slower than your time!

    I've been following Matti, he's done regular updates and seems to have gone pretty well, despite a bad near miss on a descent then being knocked off near Nice. He said he got his front mech fixed in time for the Alps.

    Jasmijn has also been posting regularly. She seems to have had a bit of a mare: shoes not working after a couple of days so switching to flats and Lidl sandals, and now an off in Spain with a hand injury which has led to her having a week off the bike. She still plans to finish though. She kept a decent speed in between things going wrong though and was high up the field until the off.

  • Lots of weird problems seem to pop up there, but I suppose more things can happen when the race is long as that, bigger chance of having problems that stop you.

    Surprising that none of the 2019 finishers reached our top 3 times of 2018 either.

    There's a post about scratching on Bernd Paul's FB, accusing Polman of having friends following him in a van and the race director saying it's not true.­1/posts/pfbid02Y4qW6AvZF9GxgkNU4jBHqoBFa­CgBiGh98xaAQchyHaodV6wkHM9b7j5djWAjsYDbl­

  • I think the explanation is simple - no-one as fast as you three has entered since! Until Bernd this year, of course. If he is back to where he was - I think he had some health issues a couple of years ago but can't remember details.

    That FB link is interesting. I had wondered why he had been DQ'd.

    It spoiled the race as he was probably the favourite. Not clear exactly what the story is but Andi sounds as if he was happy that there wasn't a follow van. It sounds Berndt threw his toys out of the pram when his version was not accepted. Would have been better to go with it and look for better evidence rather than storm off in a huff.

    Not sure what point Anna is trying to make if she admits she doesn't know what happened.

    I wonder if he did ride on, and if he got there before the winner!

  • Turns out Daniel Polman was taken off from the official results because he had a personal photographer.­

    Matti, who is almost at the finish, will be the winner of this edition.

  • Oh wow, so that explains what Berndt was complaining about. If only he'd waited for Daniel to get himself DQd he would have been fine.
    I'm not sure how to interpret the time split info: does it mean he took lifts on the van or could sleep / stop schedules explain the variances?
    Good for the integrity of the event that Andi has dq'd but maybe he should have acted a bit sooner? Bad for him to lose both of his two top riders when he might have been able to keep one.
    Well done to Matti!

  • O wow that's quite something. I don't have fb but has there been any reaction from Daniel?

  • Can't see anything

  • There's now a comment in his last post saying this is an unbelievably wrong and spineless thing to do by the organizer and a bit of a shitstorm in the race's fb comments.

  • Oh dear, doesn't look very good, all his fanboys throwing toys out of prams.

    I had a look through his Facebook and some of his photos from the event are obviously staged, presumably with his mate in the following vehicle!

    Anyone know if he's done any other events, how he did, etc?

  • RAAM among other things in his instagram bio, so coming from the supported side of ultra racing.

  • Hmm, looks like he hasn't quite been able to make the leap from supported riding!

  • Direct Link:­-daniel-polman-is-not-classified/

    Wow. Other than some of Jas' tweets I'd not followed this much at all.

    Quite a few of us have managed to differentiate supported races and unsupported race so I wonder why it's so hard for guys like this. Then all his mates having a go at the organiser. Not fucking cool.

    Bernd did the right thing reporting it but should've finished if he could. Again, no fault of the organiser. TCR don't finalise results until way after the event, why should anyone expect final decisions be made during the race?

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North Cape Tarifa

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